Everything is Absolutely Fabulous in California Govenor Newsome Sprinkles Pixy Dust over the state

In Govenor Hair Gel California. Every thing is perfectly fine. No droughts, no water restrictions, no official mask mandates. Every one gets a check! You get a check, and you get a check and you and you and of course you!

Dining by Candlelight at Mickey Dee’s

Hair Gel isn’t likely to be seen without a mask. He’s not likely to be seen dining at a fancy schmancy resturant any time soon.

Well funded, he isn’t taking any chances before the recall vote.

I think he will be re-elected. Unless he offends voters in the coastal areas of the state. The Republican candidate would have to renounce the changes in the voting laws that so many Republicans in the Central Valley support.

Governing is on hold ,unless it involves sprinkling Pixy Dust.


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