Ten Days of Dolly Pardon (7) “Rosewood Casket

Friends ,Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt,and Dolly Pardon long wanted to record together. However, their schedules and record labels weren’t keen on the three ladies recording a full album together.

“Trio” was one of the best received and reviewed album of 1987, the harmonies are flawless. Billboard said, ” The album is stunningly beautiful on every cut. Cashbox a review was published that said, “The long-awaited collaboration of three of country/pop’s greatest voices is an unqualified success.

“Trio” sold two million albums worldwide. It was Grammy nominated as Album of the year. It was the best Country Album of the Year. Last December, “Trio”was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Rosewood Casket is one of my favorite tracks.