Ten Days of Dolly Pardon (1)

When I first saw Dolly Pardon on Television, I immediately I liked her infectious personality, her music not so much. I wasn’t a large fan of country music at the time. I liked Loretta Lynn and loved the late Patsy Cline, I just didn’t think Dolly’s high voice didn’t have the depth of the other two singers. I thought her voice was better suited for those fluffy songs

Late night after a party,a friend was acting peculiar. He quickly walked through every room of his house making sure all his quests were gone. He then asked if I heard of Dolly Pardon? This is a man who lived and breathed Jazz for most of his life,nervously looked around the room as he placed a record on the turntable. The song was “Jolene” he spoke through the record, talking about her technique. The he played other songs from different album. This man who would talk about the origins of jazz, was a huge fan of Dolly Pardon owing every song she recorded.

This love affair with Dolly was on the down low. I was one of a few people who knew of his love for Dolly. He never fully explained, why he was so secretive ? He would make cassettes for me with notes, for me to listen in the car.

Dolly Pardon has written more than three thousand songs. They can be, fun and uplifting, there are love songs. Songs about her upbringing and family, songs about relationships. And then there are the sad songs that should come with a warning label. WARNING: do not listen to this song while……..working with explosives. working with unstable or flammable chemicals, . Some of those songs, go dark, deep dark and while your hoping for a swift recovery, The child, who said she wanted to be in heaven with her mama gets killed by a car as she is walking to the post office TO mail her mama a letter, JESUS!

These next videos are just a celebration of our National Treasure.