I can’t with Texas right now!

Texas Eiffel Tower – Paris, Texas - Atlas Obscura
Paris in the?

Look, I get it!  The world has been cooped up for nearly two years.  Now that the window has opened slightly, every one is rushing towards the exits with the fear that they might be closed any moment.  So lets do Vegas, see the Magic Kingdom, lets go somewhere!

The problem is” the travel industry is not prepared for the entire world, a normal travel season yes, the whole world no. The two operative travel words, this summer is cancelled and delay.  People who were furloughed and laid off last year, have to be retrained. others have found new jobs.  So bring an extra chargers and a thick book, its gonna be a while Betty.  A lot of furloughed workers hearing and watching the madness on TV have said hell the fuck no!  I’m not getting punched, bit or spit on! Not when I can watch “The Price is Right”

The travel industry has told the public come on, were back, with their fingers crossed.  The Airlines, Hotels. Car Rentals are woefully unprepared for the whole world travling at once.   And despite the news of airline cancellations,bus and train delays, no resturant service or housekeeping at hotels with tiny rental cars costing a hundred dollars a day, the world continues to make reservations in fear of the window closing.

Last year, I traveled to the east coast and the midwest. It was wonderful. In DC it took me less than a minute to get through security.  The planes weren’t full, the middle seat were empty, the fight staff kindly reminded me to make sure my mask was above my nose.   Rental Car Companies had more cars then passengers at the airport.   The availabilty of resturants was based on what city or county you were in.

Today, the thought of being on a crowded flight makes me beyond nervous, I call it Covatis (its a combination of anxiety and fear of crowded spaces) It is so bad that, I’ve consideded buying a new car and driving cross country. I could buy overpriced peanuts and coke (pour myself a cup and then toss the can) along the way for the airline experience.  It is August and I must travel to the East Coast, the Mid West and Texas before the end of the year.

Texas, raises my anxiety to Defcon one.  I have no hate for Texas and Texans.  I love Luby’s Cafeteria, Texas BBQ, resturants in Austin.  The food and shopping at HBE Supermaket  is not enough to make me want to travel to Texas.     More than 50% of the nations  snew cases of Covid are in the south, including TexUS.  I’m not a scientist  or a medical expert (even though, I play one on TV)  One would think leaders would take extra precautions  But not the southern govenors, they want to make it easier citizens to contract Covid.  In TexUS,  Hey, Abbott! the govenor resently signed and EXECUTIVE ORDER that prevents business from requiring masks!  Feel free to infect our workers and the SMALL FACT, that our hospitals are at capacity, is just one of those minor inconviences for workin in TexUS.  AND IT GETS WORSE!  (This has nothing to do with my trip-but I like DRAMA!)  Even though lil Timmy is too young to   get the vaccine. the school better not force him or his teachers to wear a mask or Hey, Abbott will take the schools funding away!  Welcome to Southern logic.

Haven’t purchased an airline ticket yet.  I’m on amazon looking for an airline friendly hazmat suit with a spit mask in 4x slim.

Spitters!!!  Be forwarned, ” I am NOT the one!  Save your saliva for somone else or better still, keep you vile DNA in the confinds of your mouth.  I dont care if your a girl, grandmother, a drunken man-boy, grandfather, mother of 17 or a Fan of R. Kelly!   Should you make the grievous error to spit on the 350+pound CityFella, you will leave the aircraft with one less foot. Accidents Happen.