burger on the floor

“Its not my responsiblity, I had nothing to do with it!”

,I remember when I was a child my mom would asked me to wash the dishes and I thought to myself,, why should I have to wash everyones dishes, everyone should be responsible for their own dirty dishes. So I squared my shoulders and TOLD my mom, that I would wash my glass, my dish and my fork and spoon, THAT WAS IT! Two days later as I awoke from my coma in the childrens hopsital. At he hospital, underneath my bed were the pile of dishes.

Your in the produce section of the supermarket and there is a lone tomato on the floor. Some people will walk around it, others may push it out of the way before somesone squishes it. But pick it up and put it back with the other tomatoes…………… I didn’t have anything to do with that tomato on the floor.

It takes mega seconds to simply pick something off the ground or the floor.

A few year back, I took an horriffic bus ride from Atlanta to New Orleans. Don’t Ask-read(https://wordpress.com/posts/sacratomatovillepost.com?s=bus+from+atlanta+)

People would simply drop garbage, food, and seemingly everything else on the floor. So from city to city as passengers get on and off the bus they made no attempt to walk over the food or anything they would walk through the food. Some young kids discarded a few burgers on the floor of the bus. From what I could tell they took one or two bites from the burgers and they were done.

,The well wrapped burgers withstood humans stepping on them as slid on the floor of the Greyhound bus. I was a combination obsessed and annoyed. Obessed, I watched them from the very rear of the bus. Annoyed, no one was picking them up and the opportunites I missed, when both seats were empty and I could have picked up the burgers.

Somewhere in Alabama, I made my move, I was crazed as I announced “hold up for a minute” I scooped up the burger, and a man brought the other burger to me as if this fat man was gonna eat those dirty ass floor burgers! The fool picked up a lone pickle off that nasty ass floor and actually put it on the burger. I took the burger to the restroom to dump them in the trash, but the trash was over flowing and then and walked up to the front of the bus to drop them in the garbage bag.

I stepped into the bus’s bathroom and washed my hands. As I sat down on the hot rearmost seat, I saw a pickle.