The Resentful Lie

“Did you get the room?” Did you confirm the car rental?”


Did you?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I’m not stupid! I booked the room and we have the rental car! Damm

I printng passes, give me reservation number for the room and the car.(Her eyes, said oh shit!)


I have them, can you wait!

Just wait a minute, damm. She grabs her phone and goes into the garage and closes the door behind her, she turns on the light, then turns off the light. She leans next to the truck and calls a car agency. Her husband calls her. Kelly! Kelly! She squats near the truck.

Well, where are they! Did you follow through.! You always wait until the last minute.

Goddam it Kelly?

The evening or morning before, you realize YOU HAVE forgotton to book the car. Admitting you were wrong will make them go into hypecrazy AND they will tell anyone who will listen how your ruined the entire trip and remind you every chance they get, that you messed up. Leaving you with two options.! Killing them with a wood chipper or extending the lie. Hoping you can book a car. You lie, but the wood chipper is still an option.

Your traveling with a nervous traveler, who is needs confirmation that everything is done in advance. He/she wants all see all the forms and confirmations before the trip begins. They repeatedly ask you confirmation until you frustrated and angry. You resent they don’t trust you! so you lie and tell them you will have everthing ready before its time to leave.

Been There