Held my nose and voted for Gavin

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I’m not a fan of the governor. He’s isn’t a bad politician, he just doesn’t register with me. Like a lot of politicians Newsome, is hypocrite. That French Resturant fiasco was EPIC! Not enough to end a career but a public relations disaster. Hypocrisy and polictics,go hand in hand. Former President Trump was an anti vaxer even though, he and his family were vaccinated, and he isn’t alone. Over the weekend in Alabama, some of the people at his rally booed after he told them to get vaccinated.

Last year, someone in Yuba County, drafted a petition that said Newsom favored illegal immigrants; that California had high homelessness, high taxes, and low quality of life, DUH! Anyone from Sylvania, Georgia could have told you that!

Anytime you see the words “Illegal immigrants” you know the draft was written by someone from the Republican Party. The term galvanizes the base. Just as integration galvanized the Democrats in the 50’s and 60’s.

The Republican Party in California, much like Republicans in the rest of the country, is suffering from self inflicted wounds.

As the white population shrinks in the West and the South, the Hispanic population continues to grow in these states, the focus on brown immigrants can not grow the party.

It was the Republican Party that changed the political landscape in California. 1994’s Proposition 187 ( called Save Our State (SOS) That established a state run citizenship screening system to prohibit undocumented immigrant’s from using non emergency health care, schools and other services. Despite massive protests all over the state, the initiative passed. 78% of Republicans supported the proposition. The law was later deemed unconditional . Nearly 35 Hispanics were elected to office between 1996 and 2004. The casualty were Republicans. They were replaced by Hispanic politicians.

The last Republican Governor in California was Arnold Schwarzenegger (2003-2011) Today, the Democrates out number Republican’s in the Golden State nearly two to one. The largest demographic in the state, is Latino, the fastest growling demographic is Asian.

41 candidates are on the recall ballot, running for Governor, few Californians know who they are.

The recall is the only viable path for a Republican, Gubernatorial candidate in California. This is troubling. Throughout the nation, The Republican Party is suppressing the vote and changing laws that may give them power in 2024.

Perhaps 2024 is the end game, Adding three more conservative judges. If that’s the plan, it’s very shortsighted as the political landscape is rapidly changing.

The Republican Party must reach beyond its shrinking white base. The party must actively court people of color and urban whites to survive.

I’m not a ride or die Democrat. The right candidate could get my support. This baseless recall, doesn’t sit well with me and for this is the reason Governor got my vote.