California Recall: Simply Vote No!

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Governor Gavin Newsom. deserves a lot of the criticism he has received. He overreached when it came to the Covid mandates and he unlike the embattled former Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo he seemed unable to effectively communicate his reasoning to many Californians. Thousands of small business owners are angry and resentful and Newsom hasn’t addressed their anger.

Those pesky tricky Optics, you try soaking them and washing them and………..

Newsom is no Jimmy Carter, who wore a cardigan sweater when he encouraged America to turn down the thermostat in their homes during the energy crisis of the 70’s. Nope! at a time when Californians were facing an unsure financial future. Newsom is seen mask less at an expensive restaurant in the Napa Valley. This summer, his children along with other children are photographed in a summer camp without masks.

Under his watch, hackers, identity thieves and overseas criminal rings stole nearly 11.5 million in unemployment benefits.

Republicans through the Back Door

California is the home of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. More Republicans have lived in the Governors Mansion that any other party. The GOP dominated the houses of California Government for many years. 40 years ago the Party made several missteps that changed the face and influence the party once had in the state.

In 1978, the State Senator John Briggs, sponsored an initiative called Proposition Six, that would ban gays from working in California Public Schools. The highly fought initiative failed.

Sometime in the late seventies and early the Republican Party started villainizing immigrants, specifically immigrants from the southern border. Nationally, this villainization has successfully generated million of dollars in donations to the party.

In 1994, Proposition 187, also known as “Save our State” passed, establishing, a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit undocumented immigrants from using non-emergency health care, public education, and other services in the State of California. Massive Hispanic protests against the proposition took place all over the state. The law was found unconstitutional by the courts in 1999.

187 Galvanized the Hispanic community. After 2000, large numbers of Hispanics were elected to state offices. By 2011, registered Democrats became a super majority, out numbering Republicans nearly 2 to 1.

Based on their current platform, it is difficult for a Republican to be elected to major statewide seat in the state, without benefit of a loophole or recall. This backdoor approach is particularly troubling. With two years left, before the next gubernatorial election, the Republicans can walk their candidates through the front door.

Enter Larry Elder

Sixty Nine year old Larry Elder is an attorney , radio talk show host and author. He is one of 46 candidates running for the big chair in Sacramento. The Republican candidate was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. Elder has not held public office.

The biggest challenge in California in general is the intrusiveness of government,” he said. “I believe that a government that governs less governs best.”

He doesn’t believe there should be a minimum wage. He doesn’t support pregnancy discrimination prohibitions in the work place , he believes it should be left to business. He doesn’t support public welfare programs, state-funded insurance programs (medicaid) he supports legalization for recreational drugs. He opposes the California’s recent expansion of Medi-Care, the public health insurance program for low-income people, to undocumented immigrants. Opposes abortion and the states unpaid family leave law.

He believes climate change activists and conservationists are “environmental extremists,” the reformist district attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco are “soft on crime” and safety net programs pushed by Democrats represent “an attack on the nuclear family.”

In Support of Governor Newsom

No on the job training, California is far and away the largest state in the country our economy is as diverse as the people. The last govenator who learned on the job, left the economy is tatters. The man who occupies the big chair in Sacramento has to be prepared for wildfires, coastal erosion, homelessness, and issues of water on day one. ‘s

While some believe his Covid mandates were too aggressive California’s hospitals are currently wide open unlike much smaller states like Utah, Idaho, Alabama who’s ICU’s are at or near capacity. New cases of Children with Covid is significantly lower in California.

California’s economy is solid, with millions of Californians receiving refunds from the surplus, a lot of that money went into housing. Newsom expanded the anti-poverty program, providing more money to Californians with young children. He has also expanded early childhood education and has ensured that all children in California’s public schools get a free breakfast and lunch. defects. He expanded Medi-Cal and boosted Obama Care subsidies.  

California Recall: Simply Vote No!