Children are just Collateral Damage

Wear Mask-2 - Connecticut Children's
Photo: Google Stock

By CityFella

As politicians and citizens assert their right not to wear a mask and get vaccinated. Lost in the middle are the fragile lives of young children. In some communities, parents and school officials are penalized if their child wears a mask, their only defense against the virus, as they are too young receive a vaccination.

Nations have long isolated the sick from the well. Its never been polictical, it’s simple economics.

Perhaps its where I live (California) and that as a father I love my children more than I love myself. I would shorten my life to extend theirs. In this enviroment, anyone who comes in contract with my most precious cargo would have to have a mask. Children are more than a polictical position, ideology or principle. I’ve watched the anti-maskers at school board meetings and politicial rally’s on television, with a bit of incredulity, insisting that the mask would do more harm than good.

Those parents love their children as intensely as I love mine and In a medical setting, those same parents would demand everyone within range of their child, wear a mask. So the question is complex. Principle and take a chance with the life of your child?

Apparently there are leaders who’s polictical ambitions are more important than the life of a child. They believe, liberties are at stake and with the exception of legalized abortion,Americans have a right to choose. Many of these leaders, who believe they have a moral right not to wear masks or to be vaccinated, rarely meet with the greving families who has lost a child or family member to covid.

The Children are just collateral damage,after all, children don’t vote.