The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 Ep 2 “Icy Apology”

Mary Cosby's Utah House: Renovation, Decor Changes Planned | Style & Living
Mary Cosby

By CityFella

Jen is closet bigger than Ericka Jayne’s Her nephew Dwayne wanted to know why she has so much stuff? She agrees to donate a pile of unwanted garb because Ramadan is coming up and she’s done a lot of praying and reflecting on the positive things in her life and is trying to push out the negativity .Jen reached out mend the post reunion relationship

Meredith and her son Brooks have an irritating a monotone voice.  I wonder if a hat pen would make a difference.  Brooks tells her Jen is still tweeting random gay shit about him. 

We’ve seen the inside of Mary Crosby’s house before, but we have NEVER been inside. We did see her son’s bedroom, which is the size of a large dining room, with an fridge filled with bottled water and yogurt. Mary’s wants to renovate, and she’s gonna hire her cousin who is reliably slow. The home, the home, is like her choices in fashion, its bad. Whimsy, meets horror show. The carpet is green, her animals are confused…moving on. Let’s pray that she finds a designer.

Lisa is taking Jennie to Jens house. Lisa tells Jen, Meredith is not happy by her attacking her son on social media. Jen is holding on Brooks comment about seeing her vagina, Did I mention that was a year ago.  Jen holds on to things like Marys. “Smells like Hospital” comment that happened a year earlier. 

Heather meets Whitney at a resale store. Whitney is against Jen and Heather friendship.

We learn Jennie had several medical clinic and sold them all to be a full time mom.  Her hubby wants a larger family. A symbol of status in a well to do Vietnamese family.  Jennie is cool with the three they have.

Whitney has a business and a busy lifestyle.  And she wants more sex with her husband. and Not Robotic sex.  When the Producers ask her what it is our Whitney DEMONSTRATES.  (Love our Whitney)

Jen and Heather meet at a place called Ice Castles They agree they miss each. But Jen is on social media insulting Heather and Heather has the receipts. Jen first denies she’s the author and says her kids her hurt by some of the things she said. Busted, she screams and deflects , she goes into a ridiculous victimization rant about being attacked for her race, upbringing and random stuff. Missing in her rant is an apology. Dispite all the nasty things Jen has said and done for her. Silly Heather thinks they can be friends. Meanwhile friendship to Jen comes down to them knowing the same rap songs.