White People are not under attack


Through the years in America. Americans of color have fought to have the same rights as whites. Gay individuals want the same rights as hetrosexuals. Women want the same rights as men.

Critics of civil rights, often say “those” people want special rights . When some people hear “Black Lives Matter” what they hear is their lives don’t matter. While Black Live Matter is inclusive, the ugly truth in America, is there is a disproportionate number of Black Men being killed by people charged to serve and protect.

Monday, Joy Reid of MSNBC’s “The Reid Out” called the massize media coverage surrounding Gabby Petito the “Missing White Woman Syndrome”. “The way this story captivated the nation,” Reid told her viewers, “has many wondering why not the same media attention when people of color go missing? 

While there are many missing caucasians whose dissappearance is not covered by the media. The reality is when Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Black Americans disappear, their disappearance don’t receive ANY National attention from the media.

Reid acknowledged the sadness of the Petito case. “It goes without saying that no family should ever endure that type of pain,” she said, “and the Petito family certainly deserves answers and justice.”

Outraged, some people, critized Reid for using race. others said, she was insensitive to Gabby’s family.

On social media, there were many calling for Reid’s head, she should be fired for weaponizing race.

What white people should know. Is they aren’t not under attack, Americans of all backgrounds, simply wants all the rights that you enjoy as an American.