Airline Passengers who refuse to wear a mask or attack crew members should face immediate jail and banned from all domestic airlines.

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The Covid pandemic has changed the entire world. What we do and how we do it could be forever changed.

Many people all over the world are angry, their lives has been upended and they reject these new restrictions that has been imposed on all of us. Its understandable, wearing a mask can be a major inconvenience, putting on taking it off to eat or drink. When to wear it.

However, the mask, which has been affective for a couple of centuries. It has been affective, in reducing the growth of new Covid cases as has the vaccine.

In the the late 60’s warnings labels started to appear on tobacco products. By the mid 2000’s smokers could not smoke on airlines, buses, and in most buildings because smoking is hazardous to the health of people around them. Americans are familiar with these restrictions.

COVID-19 is spread in three main ways: Breathing in air when close to an infected person who is exhaling small droplets and particles that contain the virus. Having these small droplets and particles that contain virus land on the eyes, nose, or mouth, especially through splashes and sprays like a cough or sneeze. (source CDC)

One person, could infect hundreds. Nearly, everyone knows this!

Americans are well within their rights, to refuse to wear a mask, and can choose if they want the available vaccines.

Like smoking, what they cant legally do is put the rest of us at risk. Placing workers at supermarkets, restaurants, at risks for simply doing their jobs.

The currently penalties are too tolerant. Individuals who deliberately cough in a workers face should face severe fines, those penalties should be increased to those individuals who refuse to comply on airlines and there should be a minimum sentence of 30 days for any passenger who attacks a crew member.

Airlines are unique as people are placed in pressurized tubes, sharing the same filtered air. Ejecting an individual for bad behavior is difficult. It involves additional delays for the passengers on board, often resulting in missed connections, unplanned hotel stays. All due to a non compliant passenger.

Most airline will ban the passenger from their airline or a minimum of one year. However, a passenger who refuse to comply or attacks members of the flight crew ban shouldn’t be limited to single airline, the ban should be applied across the board to all domestic airlines. Allowing international carriers to choose, if they would allow the offender to travel on their airline.

The no fly list should be expanded

The no fly list is intended to keep dangerous people off airplanes. While fighting can land you on the no fly list. I couldn’t find anything regarding attacking a crew member, this should be revisited. Some airlines have imposed a corporate ban on those who caused a commotion on their flights, someone screaming they wont put their masks on should apply.

Backed by the FAA, the airlines should require every traveler to check a box, that tells them of the penalties (fines include the minimum amounts. jail time, one year ban from flying) should they fail to comply on board or attack a crewmember. Giving them a choice to fly.

Like the mask, there are online conversations that encourage civil disobedience on airline.

The risks aren’t random conspiracies, businesses has shut down all over America, industry is affected with some employee choosing not to return.

Working Americans have a right to have a safe environment to work in, without feat of attack.

Contact the FAA and your Representative in the House and Senate. Increase the fines for those who attack workers and those who refused to comply on airlines as they put everyone at risk.