Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Review S2 EP3 “Fishing for an apology

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Heather beauty business is doing well during Covid and she and her business partner are considering expanding the busness, Botox is up. Heather calls Whitney saying she and Jen kinda resolved things.  Whitney is still not on board but will Consider it.

Jen, Lisa try ski biking. Jen wants to plan a girls trip to go ice fishing. Jen asked for everyone’s weight, height, social security number, She sent a text to all the ladies.  Not everyone has responded.

Mary and her son go out for lunch.   Her son Robert Jr wants to move out and get his own apartment, but doesn’t have real plans Like money or a Job. He also wants a girlfriend, one gets the feeling, this is not what Mary wants, she wants to be her son’s first lady.  Mary wants him to follow in his father’s footsteps and Join the Army.

At the home of the newest housewife, we see her three kids working on a science project, its clear that Jennie’s like being a mom, and she is happy with the children she has. We are into episode three and again her husband Duy wants more kids. We learn that Jennie has had nine miscarriages and was warned by her doctors it would be very dangerious to have more children. He seems insensitive to her medical issues and age.

Heathers house. Her oldest daughter Ashley is practicing her last drill performance in high school. Ashley says she was not returning to the Morman church.

At Meredith house she has invited friends to preview clothes she is considering for her store.   Mary and Meredith son Brooks has established a friendship during covid. Brooks is struggling with Jens attacks and he find a bit of comfort talking to Mary, as she can relate.   Mary suggest Meredith use the invitation to the fishing trip to talk about Jen’s ongoing attacks on her son.    MEANWHILE in mid conversation.  MARY asks everyone to be silent so she can fart!

Lisa, Heather, Whitney, Jeannie meet Jen to go frozen lake fishing. The ladies are there but its strained, Lisa, Heather and Whitney, not feeling each other. Whitney and Jen not feeling each other.   We learn while Lisa doesn’t cook or likes fish.  She like Del Tacos fish tacos.   

“Meredith appears”  her rage was on 10, she wasn’t about the fake pleasantries, and kisses. She didn’t come to fish! Jen has been ffin with her child!   Jen is nervous.  And when your nervous you apply extra lip gloss.   She has a right to be nervous as Meredith didn’t come to FISH.   MEREDITH came like a raging mama bear. Jen was warned, Meredith told her at the reunion, if you talked about her children they couldn’t be friends!

“Did you like a comment referring to my son as a sissy bitch?” Meredith asks plainly. “No!” Jen answers. So, Meredith pulls out her phone and shows Jen the tweet calling Brooks a “s!ssy b!tch,” liked by the one and only Jen Shaw .

Jen goes into classic deniel and deflection. “What are you talking about?! I’m tired of being “accused of stuff” when she hasn’t done anything. Jen change gears and said “her stafff did it! (Problem for Jen, this is the same account she used to attack Heather and Whitney.

Meredith turns to exit. Heather and especially Whitney seem to be enjoying the show. Lisa trys to prevent her from leaving. No, I can’t listen to the projecting, deflecting, and lying anymore,” Meredith yells!    Jennie jumps in and tries to get Meredith and Jen to talk! What I don’t get, is all the women have children, and maybe with the exception of Heather, they would all react the same if their child was attacked by a 50 year old woman.

Bitch of the Week”

Dr Duy Tran (Jennie’s Husband)