Hotel Confidential: Fire Him! he said something bad about the President

By: CityFella

Fall 2019

The passenger was getting off at Terminal A, the close on the shuttle door seemed louder than normal. Perhaps he didn’t realize his own strength.

There were three other passengers including an hotel employee, who were flying out of from Terminal B.

The employee received a text from the hotel manager in Seattle. A passenger in was very angry about a conservation that took place in the shuttle. The employee said he didn’t have a conversation with anyone in the shuttle. The angry passenger wanted the employee disciplined as he was very offened by the conversation.

The passenger/guest of the hotel said he worked for the Department of Defense and based on what he heard, thought the employee should be fired and he said he worked in a department involved in choosing hotels.

In Seattle, the employee thought about the events in the hotel shuttle. At one point in the shuttle, he received a call from a friend. The friend asked if he was following the events reqarding the treatment of immigrants in El Paso? He said, he didn’t know much about it, other than what he heard on the news, and said he heard ,were planned protests.

The employee texted the hotel manager. In a follow up text, he learned the guest made or formal complaint with headquarters Then the manager typed LOL.

Were living in a time of “Fake News”