I did it, but I’m not responsible!

Even though it was a STUPID thing to do, its not my fault!!!

By CityFella,

It was a brand new Ford F-150 truck, white with very expensive rims,that pulled up along side my car at Chevron station, the presense of his bass shook my car. I was desperately looking for my wallet and praying that I didn’t leave it a home. I didn’t notice when the truck pulled off. I was in the back seat ,looking underneat the front seat when someone patted me on the leg, “did you see who took my truck.? No I said, the man entire body was red. Oh, man, someone stole my truck! Suddenly he started jumping up and down, somebody stole my mutha fuckng truck.

That was my que, to step away. You see people like that all time, they drive up to a Chevron or a convenience store and leave the keys in the ignition with their car running, sometime with small children inside. These people, often walk into the back of the store, for beer or other supplies. If someone chooses to take their vechicle, they are likely to have complete access to their home, simply push a button to open the garage, possibly placing the people inside the home at risk. But its rarely their fault. In some states,its against the law to warm up your car with the keys inside.

I ran into a wall looking at my cell phone, who do I sue?

I may be a baby boomer, but funny is funny. (I am a GIANT ten year old)

An older lady in a mall, walking looking at her cell phone, didn’t notice the huge glass protruding from a shoe store. It was the sound, that forced me to look around. There she was on the floor, holding her head. Cell phone at her feet. Several mature people (not me) rushed to her aid.. It wasn’t cause she wasn’t looking where she was going. It wasn’t her fault! It was the mall and the store’s fault for designing it for people to run into it. She made quite the stink, ( I sat on a nearby bench in the mall to watch the show.) She loudly, wanted someone either from the mall or a manager in the store to talk with her! Someone she knew was a lawyer, (her voice echoed in the mall) and she had a good case because it was a design flaw. No manager appeared and no one from the mall came down. SHE ASSURED EVERY ONE, within ear shot, “they would being hearing from her lawyer first thing in the morning” As she was walking away, she tripped on something and fell on her face! Karma?