The Burden of Wealth

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For some, owning an expensive home in a wealthy community. Expensive cars , jewelery and clothes means they have arrived, they are a member of an exclusive club.    Wealth and status of exclusivity makes some stand taller.   For some, that membership comes at a price.

A man was stressed out, because he wasn’t familar with Sacramento, and he didn’t know where could safely park his one hundred thousand dollar European car.  The hotel he was staying in had valet parking but a couple of the attenedents looked sketchy.  He was openly worried if his hotel had safe deposit boxes as he wears VERY expensive jeweley.   Did you check with the hotel, I asked?  No he said, but I stilldon’t know what to do with my car?  

The fortyish man was overwrought, and I chuckled to myself. His life would be so simple if he drove a deluxe Toyota Camry with all the trimmings and wore a nice watch without telling a complete stranger like me, that he is wearing expensive jewelery.   In fact, I’m a bit insulted. I know I’m older, but I could be sketchy! (I could!)  I’m wearing outlet shoes and a Wal Mart watch. (it keeps time just as well as a Rolex)  

New Money!  I thought.   I have freinds with means, and one drives 18 year old pick up. Others have older cars and Toyota Prius’s and Tesla’s.  One freinds who owns a lot of Real Estate has a Target addiction. 

Some new sports and music celebrites are robbed after driving exotic cars in the old neighberhood.       

I can often distringuish old from new wealth, because new wealth, makes me insecure, makes me anxious, its not their issue, its mine I own it. My limited experience with new wealth, is new acquistions, new adventure, I simply cant relate.  My friends who have accumlated wealth through the years are regular people.  It’s a  bowl of something, a sandwhich in the kitchen and everyday conversations, kids, news. 

While our lives are similar, with wealth, there are expections, fueds, issues, that a family. living pay check to pay check cant relate to.   Lottery winners often find themseles isolated from family and friends.   The Burden of Wealth.