The Real Housewives of Salt lake City S2 Ep4 (Review) Freindship Roulette

Taking off: Lisa said to Whitney that she was heartbroken and walked away
Lisa Barlow, Victim or Saboteur?

Did Lisa Try to Sabotage Angie’s Fundraiser?

The fight between Meredith and Jen continues.  Lisa want Jen to go back and talk to Meredith. She tells Jen to apologize. Jen has a fit and throws a seventy thousand dollar bracelet in the snow. Lisa retrieves and Jen throws it back.

Meanwhile, Whitney and Heather wants Jen to admit what Jen said about them.  Jen’s still playing victim ( Why is everybody picking on me)

,Jen’s assistant, Stu told Jen, she needs to make peace with herself and that didn’t mean she had to say she was sorry    She apologizes to Meredith, however she says she’s going to talk to her staff . It’s an apology without apologizing.

Lisa visits her friend Sara Jane and Angie.  They talk about the Casino fundrasing event for a LBGTQ charity Encircle. This event is really important for Angie and her husband, because their child is Transgender.

We learn Angie and Lisa have passion for fast food. Angie says KFC’s cold slaw is next level. Angie tells

Over at Mary’s. Robert Jr are still struggling…  Meredith visits. her face is a little red She just had a Vampire facial where they draw blood from your arm and put it on your face. Mary asks if Meredith is going to the Casino night Party. They are both concerned with Jen being there. Mary and Jen’s relationship had been rocky. Mary says Jen, apologized and then started posting pictures of a girl and her grandfather then a picture of her and Robert sr online.  

Whitney and Angie met Whitney through Lisa and later learned that they have the same grandfather. In a confessional, Whitney said ‘it’s really important when you are from Utah to do your genealogy to make sure you are not dating your second cousin.’ Angie told Lisa that she was inviting Whitney to her party.

Five hours after Lisa’s visit, Angie receives a text from her caterer. In the text, the caterer told her that she spoke to Lisa’s her staff and it didn’t feel that this was the right event for them and that they had been asked to host events at the restaurants for Lisa and that was the direction they had decided to go in. Angie calls Whitney, and Whitney didn’t think it was just a coincidence.

It’s the night of the party, Angie’s living is room is transformed into a casino. The theme at the party is the 1970’s. At the fundrasier, the ladies are givin real diamonds necklaces to wear and purchase if they choose. Jen Shah isn’t popular with most of the ladies. A couple of the ladies actually climbed over a banister to avoid her. Meanwhile, Lisa walks in and gives Jenny a BIG hug and compelety ignores Whitney wearing bright pink dress and who is standing mega inches away.

At one point, Jen sits next to Mary. Mary’s body language says I’m not feeling you. Jen makes casual conversation talking about the families getting together. . Mary brings up the the social media posts. Jen wants to make up but Mary is very cautious.

Whitney has a PH-D in all things Lisa!

There are questions, Why would the caterer who agreed to supply the food just ups and cancel?

Angie questions Lisa and told her how the caterers pulled out. Lisa tells her this has nothing to do with her! Angie told her someone called them and threatened them and shut it down and says everyone around me thinks your involved. Lisa brings up Whitney and how Whitneys is trying to hurt her.

,Angie questions the tense relationship between Jen and Meredith, because of the contenious freindship they have. I think what Angie was trying to say, is even though Whitney and Lisa don’t get along the three can all co-exist. Lisa insists that they are all good. She leaps off the sofa, and hunts down Jen and Meredith. Angie husband is now the room.

The two ladies enter the room with Lisa. Angie asked Meredith, “if Jen gets in the way of your friendship (with Lisa) cause I feel she does”. Meredith says,”Get in the way no? hurt my feelings yes. Lisa seemed a bit suprised by Meredith’s answer. Now there are four of them in the room. Angie asking everyone to sit down so she can tell her the story. Lisa is crying, saying she is so upset. Jen Shah sit downs relived that she isn’t part of the shit for once. Angie’s husband joins them on the sofa. Angie tells the story about the caterer and says that she called Whitney, and asked HER to read the text. Whitney enters the room. Lisa is infuriated that Angie called Whitney instead of her! Whitney sits next to Angie’s husband in a small chair next to the sofa.

Lisa is pissed. why are you here? Would you like me to leave, Whitney asks? Why would you let someone who doesn’t like me, read the text, Lisa yells. Angie asks how has Whitney been mean to you? Lisa, every time I breathe! Whitney says,. The time line is fuckng weird, five hours after she told you I was coming! She goes on…..You asked Angie, not to tell anyone I know you. Asked her not to follow me on social media. Not to tell anyone we were related Lisa wanted to know why Angie would seek out a friendship with this (meaning Whitney)! Lisa turns to Angie as asks why would she tell what she said? Lisa, leaps off the sofa, crying! This time Jen and Merideth are trying to keep HER from leaving. Lisa insists, every thing is Whitneys fault!

Whitney says. I got a PHD is Lisa…….

When Lisa screams, its means she’s being challenged!

When Lisa cry’s, its because she doesn’t want to deal with it!

When Lisa walks away, its because she’s guilty and been caught red handed!

Reading is fundamental, and Whitney, the youngin, can read her ass off!




  1. I like your sense of humor I havent seen salt lake, but you make it sound interesting. Are you gonna review Atlanta, this year?


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