The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Ep5 “Gin and Bear it” (Review)

RHOSLC' fans mock Whitney Rose's 'desperate' attempts to befriend Lisa  Barlow | MEAWW
Lisa Barlow-Whitney Gay

Episode five opens with, Lisa telling her husband John she felt blindsided at the charity LGBTQ casino night fundraiser at Angie’s house. Its a bit of yes and no, it clear Angie was nasty, but it may be in response to the Caterer cancelling a few hours after Lisa learned Whitney was invited. I’m a little dazed and confused why Lisa would want to meet with Whitney after Whitney read her in public. John asked her,if she thought she could work things out with Whitney. Lisa said she didn’t know why Whitney was trying to interject herself into a 24-year-old friendship with Angie. Lisa told him that she had been a great friend to Whitney, but their relationship had become ‘toxic.’ she went on to say ,that their current relationship wasn’t good for anyone.

Mary Has Cookies

Mary visits Whitney with homemade cookies, the kids are thrilled. Mary tells her family about an member of her church who dies in an horrific accident and person dies and does a little dance. (who wants a cookie?)    They talk about the fundraiser and Lisa. Whitney told Mary that she had always tried to be friends with Lisa, but that it had been difficult. It is odd that, Whitney wants to be friends with Lisa. In her confessional, Mary says Whitney wants Lisa to be friends cause Lisa has a cool factor.

At Heathers house her daughter find she was accepted at her first choice at the University of California Santa Barbara.

The Meeting

Background: 47 year old Jen Shah has been liking homophobia tweets on social media about Meredith Marks 21 year old son Brook. Jen has denied participating, accusing her staff.

Big hug: Brooks hugged Jen who was getting emotional

Jen meets with Meredith son Brooks at a restaurant.  Mama Meredith was there to support her son. Brooks told his mom, he wanted to talk to Jen alone and mom took a perch at the bar.

Jen thanked Brooks for agreeing to meet her. She told him that it broke her heart to learn that he was upset by her comments. She told him that she didn’t run her social media or her Twitter, but that she wanted to take responsibility for it . But did she? Brooks tells her ‘I’ve just been, like, on my own journey of self-exploration, and just to see what I was seeing on social media and hear the terms that have been used growing up as a weapon against me, like, calling me a sissy bitch or whatever else, honestly it’s really difficult for me to talk about. I don’t want to get emotional again, but it was really difficult,’

Jen apologizes for the negative comments made about Brooks on Social Media. She is still not takin responsibility, blaming her staff.  Brooks tells her they look like they were made by her and how those comments affected him. And the power of those words had coming from someone like her and what ever voice he had about the his journey situation was taken away from him.

Jen said she would never want Brooks to feel that she outed him.’ She said she didn’t want to talk about his sexuality but was just deflecting and making a joke and moving on when people mentioned her vagina. 


‘Brooks told her it was okay and she apologized for showing him her ‘Gigi’ . She said she had drinks that night and it was a bad mistake. Jen also told Meredith that she was wrong and that she was ‘very, very sorry.’

Where the Husband’s Are?

If you are new to The Real Housewives, the husbands is often where the fun and jokes are, and Salt Lake is no exception . The men meet at a local bar. We have Whitney’ husband Justin, Lisa hubby John, Meredith husband Seth and Jen’s hubby Sharrieff.   They agree not to talk about the women and Seth jokes and asks who is still married? Seth decides Justin and Whitney has the best marriage. And then askes about their sex life.  Seth says he can have sex with Meredith anytime as long as he doesn’t wake her up.  Sharrieff said that all their wives started off beautifully as friends, but that it seemed that things had deteriorated. Justin said they were the four most optimistic ‘son’s of bitches in the world.’

Lunch with Jenny and Whitney

Whitney and Jenny meet for lunch.  Whitney has started a business and Jenny shares that she once had six businesses but sold them to be her family, for her that more important than money.  Whitney wants more kids. But after two, Justin had a vasectomy.  Jenny’s husband is in his 50’s and wants more kids, Jenny in her 40s doesn’t.   Jenny is closer to Lisa and says she doesn’t talk much about people until she has the facts. Whitney is shocked, this isn’t the Lisa she knows. Whitney feels she and Lisa doesn’t want to listen to each other.

Snow and Sex

Heather and Meredith go skiing. They talk about children and Heather has never talked about sex with her children. ‘A year ago, I would have been horrified if she was considering having sex before she got married and now I am horrified at the thought of her not having sex before she gets married,’ Heather said

She said she didn’t know how to bridge to the non-Mormon world. Meredith said she needed to encourage them to feel comfortable talking to her.

Let the fakery begin

You have just embarrassed me, to no end in front of my friends and now I want to make nice nice with you. I’m not buying this.

Lisa and Whitney meet at a place that serves gin and pie (Its going on in Utah!) Lisa tells Whitney that when she thought of gin she thought of new beginnings and hoped this meeting would jump start them in that direction. Lisa said John had so much fun at guy’s night and joked that she should be friends with Whitney.

Whitney doesn’t mince words and said ‘my perspective is that we are not friends.’ Whitney is curious about the meeting. Whitney said they weren’t friends they just tolerate each other. Lisa feels if she and Whitney get to a place where they understand each other. Whitney ask if Lisa has a problem with her, Lisa says no. Whitney said I wanna understand at the party. when she walked into the room why did Lisa says “what is this doing here?” When you say rude things to me what am I missing? Lisa says she was misinterpreted. She says she feels no anger towards Whitney .

Lisa said there were a lot of misinterpretations of her actions and thought it would be better if they could get to a place where they could understand each other. Whitney asked if she had a problem with her and Lisa said that everything had been a misunderstanding. ‘When you say very rude things, how am I misunderstanding your intentions?’ Whitney asked.

Whitney asked about why she told Angie not to claim her as a cousin. Lisa told her she actually felt no anger or hostility towards her. Whitney told Lisa that she drove her crazy but that maybe that meant that she wanted to be friends with her. Whitney told her they just needed to spend time together to get past things. ‘I’m really hopeful that we can do this,’ said Whitney

I believe Lisa was a very popular mean girl. Its her popularity that attracts Heather and Whitney despite all the mean and nasty things she has said about them, but perhaps I’m misinterpreting her actions, see ya next week.