Luke, you forgot your training

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IWith a metro area of 2.6 million people, Sacramento is still a bit of a cake walk with it comes to traffic . From L.A, San Francisco, to Atlanta, DC, and New York City, I’m experienced in urban combat(traffic).

I’ve lived in Sacramento for more twenty years, the longest I have waited in traffic is a half an hour.

Two years, ago my car was totaled. I didn’t replace my car. I either rent a Gig car or rent a car, and when I travel its usually west of Sacramento, where I encouter traffic along I-80 but I’m familar with the roadway.

A few days ago, I was in Dallas, in the rapidly growing state of Texas. Even in well established areas they are widening, expanding, redirecting roadways.

If you are newcomer to a city. Night driving can be intimidating, new lines, sudden lane narrowing, poor lighting and lines that go to no where and orange barrels that suddenly appear to redirect traffic.

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As in every city, locals are aware of these changes and is impatient with drivers who aren’t. So there I was with my phone late night Dallas, looking down for directions to my hotel. With sudden lane changes with many close encounters with these huge impersonal orange barrels. One man in a Ford Pickup with Texas place ran over one of those barrels unable to remove it from underneath his truck.

Unnerved, I had to get off the freeway and pull into a service station to reset. A Coke Slurpee helped calm my nerves. As sat in my rented Nissan, I thought to myself. What happened, to you? Have, I’ve grown soft living in Sacramento. I’ve encountered this before in many, many cities. . Perhaps, I need drive to the bay during rush hour. Its clear that I have forgotten my training .