The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Ep7 “Slippery Slope”

Good times: The woman got their snow tubes and went tubing
L to R Whitney Rose, Jen Shaw, Angie Harrington

Same S*** Different Day

Jennie meets Duy at the Oyster bar and they talk children.  Its the day after Jennie walks away from Duy Duy hasn’t changed, he want’s more children to help fill the hole in his heart left from the stillborn death of his second born. It’s clear he doesn’t care about the health or emotional state of his wife as her brings up sister wives again Jennie asks him, how he would feel if she told him the solution was for her to marry another guy.

.Duy talks about polygamy, said in,2019 they removed the law that prohibited that in Utah. He says he knows a man who has a number of wives and has 40 children. Its not important that neither of them are Mormon, they are in Utah. He talks about children like toys. The caring , School costs, health, college is just an after thought as long as he is filling the world would good people. Jennie, suggests therapy to help him with the hole in his heart.

Doing lunch: Across town, Meredith Marks, 49, met her husband Seth for lunch
Meredith and husband Seth

Seth and Meredith meet for lunch. . She told him they needed to finalize their real estate purchase in Utah. He said all he cared about was Mother Nature’s view. , While, she said their marriage counselor helped them with their communication issues but that she thought that sometimes she didn’t feel she had his full support. Meredith wants help with managing their children. Seth tells her it would be his greatest pleasure to ‘manage mitigate and extinguish the stress from your life.

It was a Trap!

We’re at Heathers beauty bar and she is having a party for her employee and their children. She invites some the housewives. Whitney and Jen. Angie. Whitney tells the events of the dinner. Whitney said that the first thing out of Aubrey’s mouth was about the catering event. Whitney said she accused Lisa of staging and setting up a trap While Lisa agrees to repair their relationship. She is willing to toss her lifelong relationship with Angie.

Strong denial: Lisa was emphatic that she did not instruct her friends to pull out from catering Angie's event

The Lisa pile on!

Whitney invites the ladies for tubing. She invites her friend Connie and Angie. Almost immediately Mary goes after Lisa after Lisa says she has to Google the things Mary’s says.., Mary thinks Lisa has an attitude! and says “I don’t deal with little girls like you! ” ” I don’t tolerate that” Mary wanted nothing to do with Lisa. A Bewildered, Lisa hasn’t a clue what’s going on. ‘You keep talking about goggle things that I say,’ said Mary. ‘Why because I am black?’

Jennie yelled for them to stop and insisted that they needed to have some fun. Mary asked her if she was serious. Jennie said it was not a good day for her and told Mary not to start with her. Jennie told Mary she didn’t care what she thought and to keep her mouth shut. Lisa tried to calm her down, but Jennie yelled for no one to tell her what to say. ‘You aint my Mom,’ said Jennie. ‘No one fucks with me today.’ Mary us shocked, by Jennie’s use of that “f “word!

After snow tubing, the ladies had lunch.  The women asked if Mary was still good with Lisa. Lisa told Mary that she thought they were good. Mary said of course they were good.

THEN, Angie stepped in and said she wanted her relationship with Lisa to move on for the sake of their wellness. ‘Unless you are saying sorry, I don’t think there is anything more to say,’ Lisa told her. Whitney, jumps in for Angie, still not buying it catering coincidence, Heather jumps in with questions and finally Lisa blows.

‘I’m not into this pile all this fucking bullshit ,’ said Lisa. ‘All I want to do is to be fucking me and to not have everyone question what I think, say, do. I can’t even say the word fucking ”google” without someone jumping on me. Get off my fucking back!!!!

In her confessional, Lisa said she didn’t know what was more hurtful that Angie was going on about this lie or that her two friends Jen and Meredith were dead silent

Angie, Whitney and gives a sobbing Lisa a hug. Jennie then asked Mary if they were good. Jennie said she was very open and that she didn’t like people telling her what to do. She said it triggered her.

We later learn, that on this day, was the day Jennie lost her Child. In her Confessional ,Jen Shah could relate to Jennie as she and husband wanted a large family, but wasn’t able.

Lisa said in a confessional that she understood the pain that Jennie was feeling but that she didn’t understand why she was sharing it with this group because they were all ‘selfish bitches.’

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