Adult Trick or Treating Sacramento

Halloween Eve Sacramento, its been a while and Sacramento was up to challenge, and while Sactown was ready and poppin, the flash on my camera wasn’t and my smartphone wasn’t up for the challenge.

There were big crowds, small crowds, all over the city. In familiar places midtown and unfamiliar places, like Northgate Blvd in Gardenland where the people were rediscovering their groove in the parking lot of the 99cent only store.

In South Sac, near Franklin and Florin, old school ruled. (I was tempted to get out of my gig car and teach um how to do da bump) but I had to keep rollin.

For the first time in YEARS, I visited a couple watering holes in North Sac. One was filled with Hooter-men with big balloons and bigger hair. It was Zombie night at another club. It was an S&M themed party at one club in midtown. If I’d known, I would have brought my whip, its in the medicine cabinet next to the Pepto.

On social media there were many claims of parties, in parking lots but most were a bust!

In the parking lot at Fulton and Marconi, there were some Desperate people trying to get their Thriller on, bless their hearts, it was sad.

Two am, there was no one in costume, at Thunder Valley. I won twenty five bucks at the Casino and spent forty five dollars at Winn Co Foods in Roseville. Where nothing was happening anywhere.

Black in Sac, I thought I’d grab a fresh donut from Marie’s Donut’s on Freeport, where the zombies beat me to my favorites. Settled on two Cinnamon Rolls.

Still hungry with frozen food in the back seat, I thought I’d hit up Del Taco on Alhambra, its well after three am, all the good Christian monsters and zombies should be in bed now.

Godzilla error, the line at Del Taco had wrap around Alhambra on to J Street at Mel’s. Hungry, I settled on Mickey Dee’s on K Street where there was some kinda revolt. White reverse lights were coming on, causing mega confusion in the lot and the line on K street.

Still hungry, with melting frozen food in my gig car, I head to Broadway. Someone somewhere has to be sleep. But the friggin world has changed. All my late night drive through’s on Broadway were closed.

Defeated, I take 16th Street home. I pass a Mexican restaurant, where there had to be 30 people standing.

I had plans of keeping my gig, and having breakfast, but the clock read four thirty eight-its breakfast time already. Its been a fun night, and SACTOWN KNOWS HOW TO PARTY!!!

Next Year, I will test my flash and pack a few sandwiches!

Happy Halloween