The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Ep “A Wolf Pack of Secrets”

Visibly upset: Jen was equally upset as to why Lisa wanted to discuss this incident now
Lisa Barlow and Jen Shah

Lida Barlow is a calculating manipulating women. Last week, she was attacked by several of the housewives, some of them double teamed her. Meanwhile her buddies, her girls, Meredith and Jen were silent during the attacks, and they are going to rule the day, Lisa is going to make sure in her sweet way they were going to pay!

Lisa’s 15 year old son Jack creates a Professional men’s grooming like called “Fresh Wolf” The new product line is being launched at a charity event for Foster Utah with a very exclusive guest list.

Mary Heather and Whitney meet for lunch. They talk about Lisa. Whitney says Lisa pushes buttons. Mary says , Lisa Question triggers her, she also admitted attacking Lisa. We learned that Mary hasn’t spoken to her mother in 25 years. Mary’s mother assumed she would inherit her church, instead it went to her granddaughter. Her mother disapproved of her marriage to Robert Sr and often questioned her   Mary talks about her relationship with her mom. 

Jen arrives to Lisa’s sons photo shoot. Jen cant get comfortable cause she has agenda so deep and nasty she wont let bitch eat! .Lisa brings up some controversy with a dressmaker. 

BACKGROUND: Jen Shah ask dressmaker Koa Johnson to design a dress for her for a very important event. But the dress wasn’t ready on time. Naturally, Jen is outraged and goes off on Koa. How so NEVAH! Whitney Rose, said it was Jen who didn’t follow through and get him the dress details on time. A claim which the designer has backed. Jen cussed da man out. “How many people do you need to make one fucking dress?” and “Will you fucking shut the fuck up?” Someone, taped the conversation and leaked it to the press and it was reported heard all over Utah. Koa, said it wasn’t him and he has no idea who did Jen was crushed and humiliated

Lisa told Jen that she just wanted her to know that other people in their friend group such as Whitney were sending Koa gifts and supporting him. ‘Why are you doing this?’ Jen asked. ‘ We are supposed to be a group of friends. If you are our fucking friend be our friend, if not get the fuck out”‘ Jen told Lisa she had gone through so much therapy to not care what other people did, but you could tell, it still hurt.

Whitney is Rollerblading with her brother Will. They talk about their dad.  Who is still in recovery.  She and her dad haven’t spoken in six months since she and Justin ask him to leave due to a possible relapse. Whitney asked her brother if it was okay that she just wanted to be done with it and he told her ‘just because they are blood doesn’t mean they are family. Will told her that if the blood portion of her life was causing so much trouble then ‘cut the shit off.’ Last year, her brothers and sisters weren’t talking to him. Whitney brought them together and now he is just not talking to her……Ouch.

Meredith and daughter Chloe and Heather’s daughter Ashley meet for lunch. The goal it seems for the girls to talk about college. During the conversation Meredith mentions her family is renting a seven bedroom house in Vail Colorado. and suggest a girl trip and while Jen has apologized to her son Brooks, Meredith isn’t feelin her.

At Heather’s house Jen brings over some adult toys and discuss Heather’s love life or lack of it.   Heather invites Jen to Meredith party. Jen tells her Lisa about the dressmaker story. I guess this is where Heather evens the score with Lisa.

Heather told Jen she thought it was suspicious that Lisa was alluding to her that Whitney was a ‘shit friend.’ Heather thought it particularly strange because she knew Lisa invited Whitney to her son’s Fresh Wolf event, but didn’t invite either of them.Jen thought that it was odd that Whitney was invited to Lisa’s event. Heather said she was curious who else Lisa invited to the event because ‘Lisa thinks things through.’


Its the event, the Fresh Wolf launch party slash Foster Utah Event. The event has a very exclusive guest list. Of all the Salt Lake Housewives, only Meredith and Whitney made the cut. Her good buddy Jennie, didn’t make the cut. Mary, Jen, Heather? Security!!!!

Whitney, couldn’t make it, sick.

At the Fresh Wolf event, Lisa told Meredith about how she spoke to Jen about her public blow up with her dress designer ‘Everyone talks about everybody,’ said Meredith. ‘It’s not like she is singled out.’

A man named Cameron Williams came over and interrupted their conversation to quickly say hello to Lisa. Lisa told Meredith that Cameron was her very good friend and he was how she initially met Mary. Maybe its another coincidence or, maybe its Maybelline. Lisa was pulled away, of course. Cameron a stranger, talks all things Mary No pleasantries, nice weather, nice party, Lisa is a nice person. Just all things Mary. He tells Meredith.people who are at that church are god fearing beautiful people, but Mary and her husband they have done some things that have been very harmful,’ He had other negative things to say about Mary,

Meredith is foud of Mary and the news troubled her. Lisa said to Meredith that she looked like she was going to cry. Lisa told Meredith that Cameron used to be a preacher at Mary’s church and didn’t normally speak badly of people.

She asked Lisa if she knew anything more about what happened between Cameron and Mary. Lisa told Meredith there was a reason why Mary wasn’t invited to the event because she keeps them separate out of respect. 

I don’t like Lisa, she doesn’t seem genuine. That being said, she’s is a superior manipulator, more,more.

See ya next week.