The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 E9 “I was driving Carpool” Review

Bravo Releases Footage From The Moment Jen Shah Got Arrested, Leaving The  'RHOSLC' Cast In SHOCK, Plus Season 2 Taglines Revealed!

As the episodes progress, I find it fascinating how much of the back story Whitney and Heather has. While, Lisa, Mary, Jen and Meredith exchange blows, Whitney and Heather knows the back stories in detail.

Speaking of Heather, she and her daughter Ashley meet for lunch with her niece and her nieces husband. Like Heather, her niece was a devout Mormon, but she and her husband found cracks in the organization and decided to leave. Heather doesn’t seem to be an angry Mormon who wants to destroy the Organization, she simply shares her experiences, which is fascinating.

Jen and her assistant Stu go snowshoeing, her therapist told her to “make new memories and spend quality time” with the people she loves. She talks about how she was keeping her business open to keep her employees working.

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REVENGE in Salt Lake must be all the rage, a lot of these ladies are obsessed with it. You didn’t back me up! I’m not gonna invite you to this party and I will talk shit about you to our friends to show them “I’m a better friend than you are!

Tonight it is Mary’s turn. Mary is having a little gathering today where her BEST GIRLFRIENDS will Join her in an Italian Cooking Class. Remember, her BEST GIRLFRIENDS! Jennie is not a BEST GIRLFRIEND, she said “Fuck” in front of the pastor and told pastor Mary, no one tells her what to do! So no pasta for you JENNIE! The best thing about Mary’s parties are the gifts, she has been know to give nice expensive gifts to the guests .

This event has a theme…… Mary has given instructions for each lady to dress a certain way. Mary called or Face time everyone. Whitney didn’t answer Mary’s original FaceTime invitation, so PASTOR MARY, sends Whitney a different invitation than the other ladies saying it was “Mafia Girl Street wear” instead of “Italian Street wear. requiring Whitney to look more hooker-ish with hot pants and a g-string. Whitney, is no fool, and went J.C Penney instead. Mary is hyper pissed, first Whitney didn’t respond to her messages and she failed to come in looking like a Hookah! (my New Yawk roots)

The ladies make the pasta. Mary buys them personalized aprons instead of something from Gucci. Its time to sit and eat. Mary, is not feeling anyone named Whitney. While the other ladies names translated into Italian, Whitney didn’t, Mary is unhappy.

Round 2

Jen is heated, because her BEST bud Lisa, didn’t invite her, to her Foster Care Event. Jen is also mad at Whitney, because she gifted Jen’s dressmaker, whom she hates, at least that’s’ what Lisa told Jen. Whitney told Jen, it didn’t happen that way, because she knew Jen was at war with the dressmaker and the dressmaker actually paid for those items. Heather was also wasn’t invited, stirs the pot Whitney, accuses Lisa of trying to get Jen to turn away from Whitney. Lisa, said her child was in charge of the guest list, and once again they pile on Lisa, who should come up with better scenarios.cause preschoolers are pulling her stories apart, this time she didn’t use her tried and true, TEARS! This time Meredith comes to her aid and says “sometimes people are invited and sometimes they’re not and that’s up to the host,”

Round 2 and a half

Meanwhile, Mary has kicked it up notch calling Whitney a little girl, insulting her. Whitney, is confused about Mary’s anger, and raises her voice to be heard! Mary tells her to leave! Upset, Whitney says “Mary, I love you” She was in Mary’s corner when no one was. Mary says they didn’t have a friendship!

Meredith chases after Whitney. Meredith is troubled about what she learned about Mary at Lisa’s event. They discuss Mary’s church and Mary’s grandma, The Grandma was God in that church and then Mary took her place.

The killer-diller is Whitney, she can quickly unravel a mystery and she can read the women here. But she seems to link herself with people like Lisa, who talks smack about her as often as she can. and we learned that she has kept text’s of mean and nasty things Mary has said about her and yet she wants their friendship, when there are other ladies here who are less mean and toxic!

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Everyone is going to Vail Colorado, where Meredith has this seven bedroom house she’s rented. This isn’t a trip to the mall, six women are going to sit on a bus for six hours to Vail Colorado

Mary Cosby has a “headache” and will be taking a private jet to Vail and meet them later, a win for Whitney.

WARNING!!! If you haven’t seen episode one, (its on you tube) this picks up from the first episode.

Everybody is there, Meredith is in Vail. Whitney, Heather, Jennie, Lisa and Jen are on the bus. The production staff are mounting cameras on the bus. Jen, receives a phone call, she asks Whitney to disconnect her mic. Then steps off the bus to continue her call. She step back on the bus and tells Heather, her husband is bleeding internally and she must go to the hospital immediately.

Everyone is concerned, a couple want to go with her. She waves them off and leaves in a Ford pickup. Others wonder if they should cancel the bus ride, there is a lot of concern about Jen and her husband. The conservation is so intense that they don’t notice the police wearing NYPD and HSI (Homeland Security Investigations) jackets outside. The police is talking to the producers, asking about Jen’s whereabouts? Whitney, thought it was a prank .The police lie, too. “We have to just talk to her to make sure she’s OK,” one of the officers says. He repeats that a couple of times. Actually, he’s there to arrest Jen. Lisa, looked and said this is not a prank and calls Jen’s assistant Stu. Whitney asks if she should call Jen to warn her, Lisa says, “I’ don’t think so” The ladies are in shock, Lisa, kept repeating she was sick, and she could vomit, she said it so many times that led me to think, you have pockets don’t you?

Next week, was Jen tipped off?

See ya next week