The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Ep10 “The Highway to Vail”

This is the Episode!

“The Highway to Vail”

New York Police Department and Homeland Security is Looking For Jen Shaw!

The headlines: 'Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Real Housewives star charged with massive fraud money laundering scheme,' Whitney Rose read out loud

This Real Time

Meredith is in Vail at her 8 bedroom rental . Mary is in Salt Lake City, she’s taking a private Jet to Vail

Heather, Lisa, Jennie and Whitney are on the bus, a six hour drive.

While the ladies are speculating and re- evaluating their friendship with Jen. A news helicopter was circling above Jen’s house as a team of heavily armed police arrived and executed a search warrant on her residence. Jen’s sons Sharrieff Jr, 26, and Omar, 16, exited the house with their arms up as the house was swarmed by federal agents.

Lisa and Heather wondered how the police would even know that Jen was going to be in the parking lot at that time in the morning. ‘Someone told them,’ said Whitney who went on to say, it made sense for NYPD to show up because that’s where her companies are headquartered.

One the bus, Lisa is freaked out, she calls all six of her attorneys

Meanwhile , on the bus and Jen’s goodie bag. Jennie finds it. I mean let the body get cold first, ‘ said Heather. ‘The woman just had to evade arrest don’t go through her personal items.’ I don’t think she’s coming back for these”

In her confessional, Whitney said Jen’s lifestyle didn’t add up. She threw a 80grand birthday party for Meredith, and threw out hundred dollar bills on her party bus.

Husbands are called, fewer people are believing Jen’s story, about her husbands being in the hospital.

The ladies learn on the bus, Jen Shah was arrested, Heather and Lisa cry for her children. They call Meredith who coolly says she’s not surprised.

Mary arrives to the house in Vail No one greets her at the front door.  She follows Meredith’s voice and finds her in the bath tub,Mary is not amused. Meredith told her the allegations against Jen Shah were basically fraud and money laundering. Meredith said her family and business had been terrorized for two years by ‘this woman and I just waited quietly because I don’t point my fingers when I don’t have the facts.’

With Jen arrest, there is peace in the Valley. The friendemies are talking. Whitney and Jennie have unfinished business with Mary, at least not right now, they are comparing Jen stories.

When the ladies finally arrived to Vail, Meredith is still in the tub. The ladies are on speculating what the others knew. Whitney thinks Jen was laundering her money through her businesses. Whitney said she heard that the authorities had a ping on her location and arrested her on the side of the road. Heather said she thought she left to turn herself in but Whitney said she was running. ‘She definitely fled the scene for sure,’

Meredith said she had an issue with her that she never mentioned. She told the women that she was in New York in late September with her family and had eight missed calls from Jen. She said she called her back and Jen told her how she was trying to get into her store but that it was closed but that her manager opened the door for her. Meredith said that after Jen left that her manager called her and told her that Jen spent a few hundred dollars. Her manager, however, said that there was a green clutch that one of Jen’s friends was holding that went missing. (We saw the video of the theft) Meredith said she sent a text asking if she borrowed the green bag and her manager got a call and someone brought it back the next day.In a confessional, Meredith said that Jen did not take the bag but that the problem was she kept someone in her employ.

Mary said , “I never saw anything good in her”

Meredith said also one of her friends told her that Jen is red flagged in the Louis Vuitton system because she pays in cash but that she didn’t know if that was true.

Lisa said in a confessional that ‘being red flagged at Louis Vuitton would be far worse than the feds knocking on my door.’

Heather then mentioned that she thought it was really strange how she put Jen in an Uber the other night and then Jen got out a half mile later. Lisa wanted to know what night that happened and the other women wanted to know what she knew.

‘None of us are safe unless we know the facts,’ said Whitney. ‘We have all been lied to. We have all been attacked. If we do not share what we know we are in danger!