It was the damm egg roll


“Picture It”

Early morning St Petersburg Florida

Police sees a vehicle drifting between lanes

Lights come on, they pull the vehicle over for a safety check, the driver could have excess heart burn, indigestion or diarrhea, the police always carry Pepto Bismol in those delicate situations as well as a gas mask (kidding)

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Police said, the driver, forty five year old, Maria Jurgilewicz smelled like liquor.

The Police said she has difficulty following simple instructions” like putting a spoon on her nose and talking like Cardi B at the same time. She even failed the simple dance EVERYONE is doing on Tic Tok “Forget Me Not’s (more kidding!)

When the police asked her about her driving and her Tic Tok dance failure. She said it was due to her eating an eggroll while driving, because she very familiar with that Dance, (first you take a step to the right)

The cops went on an eggroll hunt and after a few minutes they found no bits of egg or roll.

They did however, find pills, lots of um, different shapes and sizes and they found a straw with a white powdered residue inside, next to the pills.

Maria was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, driving under the influence AND possession of drugs without a prescription. Two these are misdemeanors and one is felony.

According to documents, this visit to the Jail wasn’t her first. Will she be stopped again for driving under the influence of a Filet “O’ Fish? Details@11