Throwback Thursday 9/21/2009 “Chubby At Walmart”

Say it isn’t so….the lower cost the store is the more chubenell the customer? Not sure where I heard that saying…it isn’t scientific. But its one of those statements where your first reaction is nooooo…then hmmm.

In 2006, the Super Wal Mart store opened in Antelope, I noticed a large population of overweight customers. I remember telling a friend that after several years I had finally found the fat ghetto. My regular store at that time was Bel-Air in South Natomas, in the thirteen years I shopped there, I don’t recall seeing a lot of obese people in the store. In fact I think I was the token fat guy. “Having your regular order?- “Super Cinminion roll and maple bar” “Paper or plastic or are you going to eat it here?

On one memoriable visit at the Antelope Super Wal Mart, I remember a large woman in one of those electric carts, scarfing down a barrito, following the cart was her two overweight children also eating. She was angry that she had to wait 7 minutes for some fried chicken she ordered. she was telling her children she was soooo hungry.

So could it be true?

At the Elk Grove, Winco Foods, every other adult seem to be overweight. Carts filled with High Frutose Sodas and chips. This was also true at Foods Co on Northgate, The Super Wal Mart in West Sacramento.

However, at the Whole Earth Foods on Arden, there was one obese man in the store, me. Trader Joe’s on Marconi, a couple. Sacramento Food Coop one. Raley’s on Watt and Marconi…a few.

So is there truth to the statement?

You be the judge?