My View is back and lighter by 140 pounds

Here's who's coming to The View to kick off season 25 |

Friday’s episode of “The View” reminded me why I’ve been a fan of the show for more than two decades.

On Friday’s episode, (with Guest Host-America Ferrera) they talked about Alec Baldwin, There was a very heated discussion about the President’s immigration policy. At touching segment with Rachel Ray.

The View has a large male audience who don’t tune it for the politics, that’s available on Cable 24/7. We turn in for the conversation only heard on The View, Like this one, the sexiness of Larry David. David is the co-creator of Seinfeld and the star of HBO’s “Curb your Enthusiasm” .

Apparently there are quite a few women attracted to him including Joy Behar. We learned, there is a term called “Chuckle Chasers” women who chase funny men. Sunny was horrified by Joy’s attraction to Larry David, and couldn’t understand how this was possible, as her current husband is attractive,.

With all eyes on a nervous Joy,attempting to defend herself, we learned she has an attraction to tall thin Jewish men, she said as a child was attracted to tall men like her daddy, other members said she had “Daddy Issues” with Anna asking if she thinks, Larry David is her daddy? Desperate to escape, she quickly moved to the next segment, and 10 seconds into the segment “she realizes she was reading Sunny’s part.

Friday’s episode, reminded my why I liked “The View”. There is nothing like it on TV, women in their 30s’ to 70’s sharing their opinions. . the last few years the show went dark, to he political. too much focus on politics and the feuds, between former co-host Meghan McCain and everyone else.

Much of the problems of the show lies with the producers……

In the last few weeks, I noticed the show has regained its humor, its lightness. A few weeks ago Whoopi mentioned something to the effect, these are her girls. I thought it was a swipe at Meghan McCain. I think she referring to the lightness.

I tried with Meghan, like all the cast members I wanted to like her. I agreed with many of her views. However, she was dark and heavy. It was difficult for her to relax and laugh, to move on. When she did laugh, the laughter was often forced.

While we wait for her replacement, I’m enjoying this old View.