The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Ep13 “Fair Weather Friends”

Lowest point: Jen Shah tearfully told her husband Sharrieff Shah that she was innocent of federal fraud charges on Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City
Jen Shah

Housewives are talking, can they trust Mary or Jen? Jen is accused of stealing money from old people via the net . Meanwhile across town does Mary really thinks she God? Is she taking advantage of her parishioners squeezing money from them?

Jen has a new number, she wants to reconnect with her friends. Her bestie, Lisa is iceing her out. Jen said, Heather was the first person to reach out to her. Heather remembers the isolation when she was excommunicated by the Mormon church and refuses to do that to Jen.

At lunch, Jen describes to Heather what happened her. She maintains she didn’t do anything. She also denies Stuart was her business partner. She said the police came to her home with AR 15’s drawn. One of her sons, say the laser on his chest.   She trained her boys to use CAUTION, being black boys in a white community.  She thinks what might happened if one of her son’s moved accidentally and was shot.  She goes on to say she moved her family from South Central to start a new life and now this.

Now what those Heifer’s been sayin about me?

Jen want the deets and Heather was MOST HAPPY oblige. She tells her how Lisa and Meredith reacting to her arrest. She tell Jen don’t be surprised it Meredith wants nothing to do with her. She VERY DRAMATIC as she talks about Lisa, calling ALL OF HER LAWYERS!!! Hurt, and feeling betrayed. She tells Heather, she expects an apology from Lisa and Meredith once her good name is cleared.

The Whitney Horror Show

The budding entrepreneur wants to rebrand her stuff and she wants a million to do it right. Whitney says she’s really bad with money and hubby Justin is afraid because she’s likely to out live him and doesn’t want the family to be in trouble.

Mary interviews for an organizer. She has a room, floor to ceiling with clothes   We learn she is very alone, Hasn’t spoken to her mom in 20 years and her accumulation of things may be related to her loneliness. The more things you have the fuller your heart.

Meredith and Lisa house riding. Lisa finds a sympathetic ear in Meredith about Jen, cause the truth be known, Meredith has been done with Jen, well before the arrest. Looking back, she’s realizing the relationship was really kind of one-sided, and that maybe she was being manipulated all along. Okay, Boo Boo. Things get heated when they talk about Mary, Meredith is protective of Mary and feels Mary didn’t fully get to say her piece and Meredith says she and everyone else was to blame. Lisa was quick to say not me and quickly blames Heather and Whitney and blame them for storming away from the conversation. She PISSED that they are attacking her character and once again she’s gonna give them you know what!!! (empty threat) While were at it. she’s also mad at Meredith for not having her back!!

Jennie takes her daughter Carlin to Vietnamese restaurant.  She is previewing the food for a party with the other women.

Ahhhhhhh .A rare sighting Mr and Mrs Shah having a home cooked meal

Jen and Coach Shah has Popeyes for lunch.  Jen tells him that she reaches out to her friends and only Heather called her back and she is especially hurt by Lisa.  And Coach’s family have been quiet.  He seemed was angry and hurt but assured her he would not leave her.

Whitney has a photo shoot for her new brand. (20grand) Jennie and Heather are there. Jennie notices the lovely people, the lovely flowers and there is even a lovely dog and Whitney looks especially lovely. But were are the lovely products?

Jennie is inviting every one to her meal including Jen. 

Don’t mess with Whitney! She doesn’t play or respond to mindless gossip. She wants facts and facts she got!!! By way of Lisa’s, former good friend and new cousin, Angie Harrington WHO gave her Cameron’s telephone number, where the two talked for three hours!!!

And apparently what she heard was pretty scary! She says if even a percentage of what she was told is true, Mary’s more dangerous than any of them could’ve possibly guessed…

See you next Monday, if your brave enough!