Then someone sneezed

File:Sneeze.JPG - Wikipedia

Covid has wreaked havoc in my social life. Like a lot of people, I stayed home for a year. This year I cautiously ventured out, with my mask on. I have traveled much more this year than last, on full planes.

Human beings are like sheep. At social gatherings despite knowing what we know, if a few people remove their masks, others follow. I have resisted sometimes being the only person with a mask on.

It’s unofficially winter, and like last winter the number of new Covid cases have increased ten fold in many parts of the world including ours.

I recently attended an intimate gathering, less than a dozen people. For the first 45 minutes everyone had their masks on, then one by one , people removed their masks, two of us kept our masks on.

The conversation was lively, one person said they couldn’t understand me, L knew this was bullshit, because he had no problem hearing me from across the room, ten feet further away. I removed my mask. Now, I can understand you, he said. With mask in hand, there was one, who kept his mask on.

Someone said, something funny and as everyone laughed,then someone sneezed, the gathering grew quiet.

Based on everything I know, with one exception, if he is positive, we are all exposed.


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