California Tude

I have visited 36 of our 50 states, from Hawaii to Massachusetts, and don’t remember walking up to anyone at the airport, rental car counter or hotel saying, I’m from California and your state sucks.

I encounter people, who under their own volition, choose to travel to California. They’re not furloughed here, no governmental agency said should you leave your home state, you must travel to California first

SOME travelers from the south and the Midwest, step of the plane with a little hostility towards the Golden State and the people in it.

Upon check in to a hotel, a visitor from Sylvania Georgia, said she could stay three days at a motel in Sylvania, than what spent on one night in California. Through the night, she came down and wanted to know, what was the charge for toilet paper and other items in the room, because the didn’t trust California

A man was insanely serious, when he returned his Hertz convertible to the Airport last weekend. He demanded a refund because, it rained all week. It didn’t matter it was raining when he picked up the car and that the forecast projected, rain for the entire week. He wanted compensation at least charge him what they charged for a regular Mustang. To get some relief, he complained about the lack of power and the visibility of the car. but Hertz said no. As he was leaving, he PROMISED this wasn’t over, he knows of a good powerful lawyer Ohio who knows our Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The man from Jefferson City, Mississippi, said he would NEVER live in California. Where the doors hotels and fast food are locked at night. “He has NEVER seen anything like that in his life-In Mississippi, everybody has guns and the crime is low” “That’s probably why everybody is leaving California” I wanted to say, I don’t think their moving to Mississippi.

The man from Slidell Louisiana, was schooled by his daughter. Arriving to the hotel, he said “Your can have California, with all the crime out of control and homeless people pooping in the streets and the crazies, “California is the home of crazies, they come to California, cause California is the home of crazy people! His daughter looked up at him and said,” dad we’ve only been in California an hour and a half and you were excited about the trip this morning!

These are just some of the comments made by people who are not traveling to the state on business or here for a medical procedure.

“Yeah, I saw the whales on the coast, the snow in the mountains, saw the beaches. Rode the cable car, had a crab bowl in Fisherman’s Wharf. Drove down the crookest street in the world. Went to Disneyland and Hollywood, walked on Santa Monica Pier and saw a lot of things we don’t have at home

These are tourist who perhaps, need a reason to tell the folks back home, they weren’t impressed!

I often hear, you can have California!

To those people, I want to say, feel free to come back and hate us some more