The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Ep15 The Miseducation of Mary Cosby

(Natalie Cass/Bravo) Top row: Heather Gay, Meredith Marks, Lisa Barlow and Jen Shah. Bottom row: Mary Cosby, Whitney Rose and Jennie Nguyen on "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.
Top Row L to R Heather Gay, Meredith Marks, Lisa Barlow, Jen Shah Bottom Row: L to R Mary Crosby, Whitney Rose, Jennie Nguyen

Mary Crosby on Race, Nice-Nasty!

As we creep closer towards the end of Season two. Mary Crosby is three for three on the racist meter or insensitivity meter.

Let’s Review: Last season, Mary Cosby tells Jen Shah, “Don’t be ghetto.” She says she considers Shah a “hoodlum.” Jen Shah tells the group that Cosby told her that when Cosby goes to a 7-Eleven “‘she’s I see Black people, I go to a different 7-Eleven.’”

Spoiler Alert: Mary, despite her skin lighteners Mary is Black! (sorry had to go there!)

Earlier this season, Mary goes after Jen Shah, again. After Jen Shah was arrested, Mary compared Shah( who is Polynesian) to a “Mexican thug” who makes all those drugs,”

On the last episode, Lisa showed Mary a picture of Jennie (who is Vietnamese) in a blond wig. Mary said, the wig looked great on her due to the “yellow tones” in her skin and praise her slanted eyes as well.

Mary is one of three women of color on Salt Lakes, and yet her negative comments have been directed toward the ladies of color, on the show. There is a part of me, believes what she said to Jennie was meant to be complementary. However, that was filmed last year and as innocent as I think her intentions were to Jennie, I cant give Mary a pass.

When it comes to race, two things can be true. Ignorance and intent, however the consequences are likely to be the same. Mary hates Jen Shah, Mary had other weapons in her verbal arsenal, but she chose race. With Jennie, I believe she meant to be complementary.

I loved that Jennie didn’t sweep the insult under the rug and immediately dealt with the issue. However, after being confronted with the truth and the hurt it caused, Mary, doubled down and said she “loved slanted eyes” Jennie, came back strong! “You’re an adult. Take some responsibility. Right now, there’s a lot of Asian hate. Be conscious of your words,” 

If Mary, were white, this episode would be on “The View” this morning!

“Let’s talk about Lunch the Garden”

Meredith and Mary, Mary asked Meredith where she stands with her supposed best friend, Lisa. Meredith says it’s “a little triggering” for her to hear Lisa is friends with Jen. Meredith is pissed that Lisa hasn’t defended her son Brooks. The woman who outted him as Gay! I don’t understand why [Lisa] wouldn’t just take my son’s side. Lisa and Meredith seemed close at one time.

Mary asks Meredith, “Who is Lisa to you?” Meredith replies: “That’s a good question.”

Mary complains about Jennie and how she doesn’t respect her and she speaks in Broken English to mocks Jennie. While she was all sweetness and light to Jen at the Garden, she admits to Meredith that she was lying. “If I did say a lot of things about Jen, so what? It’s none of your business,”

Mary goes on to say that she thinks Jennie “is a reflection of Lisa Barlow.” Meredith says that “Jennie has a little bit of a temper.”

Jennie and Duey, meet for lunch at his office. Of course the main topic is what Mary said to her about slanted eyes and how that is insulting to Asians. Duy says, “I don’t blame you. Saying slanted eyes you know what that means to us. … You don’t go to an Asian and say, ‘Hey, look, slanted eyes.’ I grew up with that.”

Heather and Whitney, meets at Whitney’s house to help her set up bags for the Wild Rose party. Whitney feels guilty about the 300K (family savings) she has spent on the remanding of the Wild Rose business. Whitney suspects, Mary dropped a dime on Jen. Mary wasn’t on the bus and hired a plane to Vail.

Jen’s mom Charlene, comes by the Chalet

They are assembling bags for the Tongan society. They talk about the attorneys and what started out as one attorney is now three. (two million dollars) Jen is going to take her husbands advice and move into a smaller house, she feels that she is letting her family down. Charlene said, its their culture where the woman is in charge. Charlene is cashing out her retirement accounts and putting up “properties” to kick in nearly a million dollars to Jen’s defense fund. “You are innocent,” Charlene says, “and I’m going to do whatever I can.”

The Wild Rose Party

I love the Bravo parties where the host leaves her own party and her guest and has a sit another room. By the way we have Miss Meredith, in that monotone voice. yet again. complaining about she and Jen being in the same venue. Mary is upset there isn’t a coat check. 

Bitch here are your shoes!

Jennie is returning those $1300 red bottom Christian Louboutin shoes Mary gave her in Vail. She said the gift was not genuine. Heather was impressed, but not impressed enough to give back that  $5,750 Louis Vuitton handbag Mary gave her .Jennie says Mary intended the shoes for Jen. That’s according to Lisa.  Mary give the shoes to Jen. “Jen Shah does not say no to red bottoms (aka Louboutins). I’m literally Cinderella, bitch.”

Whitney says, everyone is letting things go, taking about race. Mary comes back with, I don’t know if I say that about everyone,” Lisa told her while they were in Vail, she was bothered when Mary called Jen a “thug” and compared her to Mexican drug dealers. Mary insists, she never said that. “What? I don’t even talk like that,” Mary says. Later, she tells Lisa, “That’s not part of my vocabulary. I don’t talk like that. I wasn’t raised like that. (Now of course, we have all heard it on tape and she has since apologized)

Meredith who hates Jen…Chastised the women . She says she’s “very disappointed” with how the other women treated Jen at the pho luncheon. Her theory remains that she doesn’t have to be nice to Jen because they’re not friends, but the other women are Jen’s friends and THEY should treat her better.

Lisa! Lisa Lisa Vs Mary and Meredith!

Lisa, says she never attacked Jen at the Lunch, and it was Mary who said Mary lied about me. You said I said, ‘Jen’s going to jail and you’re [Mary] next. I never said that.” Mary denied saying it, “Don’t call me a liar! (of course there is footage) Mary gets up and walks off. Meredith follows her. Heather tells Lisa, “You can’t let Mary come between you and Meredith.”

Meredith husband Seth asks what happened? Mary continues to lie…“They’re all saying, ‘Oh, you offended me because you called my eyes slanted. That’s a racial slur.’ And then Lisa said that I called Jen a Mexican thug.”

Lisa runs after Meredith saying we got to talk! Meredith says, “Yeah, you’re continually attacking me and yelling at me and it’s not boding well for me.” And she walks away from Lisa, again. This time, Lisa doesn’t follow

Heather advises Meredith to talk to Lisa. Meredith says that Lisa “just came up to me again … and I can’t take it….. The truth is Lisa didnt attack Meredith at all…. I think Meredith who wants all this transparency isn’t truly with anyone. She’s been done with Lisa for a while now.

Lisa asks Mary if the two of them can talk. “No,” Mary says, but Lisa ignores her and tries to talke And then Mary tells Lisa that “sometimes you do come across as two-faced.” And “everything I say is judged.”

Mary tries, to put Lisa on the defensive for not confronting her the moment she made the comments about thugs and Mexicans. “If I did something, say it to me in that moment,” Mary says.

 Mary tells Lisa, “I really do feel like you don’t own [up to] things.”