Jailed for an Autoblow and other stuff

It doesn’t brew coffee


It’s possible, if he would had just waited for the interview, twenty nine year old Jacob McFarland,might have not have seen ,the insides of the Montgomery County (Pennsylvania) jail.

McFarland, (pictured below) recently applied for a job at the Adult World emporium in North Wales, a Philadelphia suburb.

On December 27th, McFarland returned to the store where he applied for a job and walked out with a pair of masturbators, a $95.99 Fleshlight model and the Autoblow A.I. (which retails for about $250). When an Adult World worker confronted McFarland in the store’s parking lot, McFarland allegedly threatened to stab the man.

The employee, identified McFarland, because he recently applied for a position at Adult World.

Not sure if McFarland,was able to test drive the equipment as the police quickly found him at the Staybridge Suites which is located near the Adult World emporium. He was wearing the same puffy coat with fur around the collar, he was wearing in the store video. They found the knife on him.

McFarland was charged with robbery, a felony, and several misdemeanors, including retail theft and making terroristic threats. He is being held in the Montgomery County lockup in lieu of $5000 bail. According to court records, McFarland has multiple pending criminal cases, for which charges include disorderly conduct, narcotics possession, theft, and criminal mischief.

If McFarland would have waited, he most likely would have received an employee discount.

Apparently, the “Autoblow” is a hot commodity, some men have been arrested for test driving the potentially messy devise, inside stores leading into some sticky arrests.

The Autoblow’s creators contend the 10-speed masturbator–which plugs into a wall outlet–“uses artificial intelligence to give you the perfect blowjob.”