The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Ep16 “Holy Mother of Zion”

(Bravo) A "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" staffer, right, tries to hold Jen Shah back when Shah goes after Lisa Barlow, left.
Lisa Barlow (in blue) is about to get attacked by Jen Shah

The people at Bravo have been on their ‘A’ game this season, bringing the ladies back to the scene of the crime, the black bus. As with the first trip, Meredith and Mary are absent. On the first trip, Meredith was absent because of a memorial for her late father, at least that’s what she said…….But the ladies are now questioning it. Did Mary or Meredith drop a dine on Jen. How the Fed, know Jen was at Heather’s beauty bar? Jen wants to know if Meredith and Lisa are her friends? Frustrated, Jen looks like she was going to drop kick Lisa( see the picture above) which will be continued next week.


Heather and Jen

Heather treats Jen to spa day. Heather asks Jen is she is invited to Seth’s birthday party. Of course she isn’t. Jen tells Heather she thinks Meredith is treating her “different” because of the charges against her. And she’s amazed that Meredith is now best friends with Mary, who “has said so many hurtful things, but people don’t call her out for it,”. Heather asks if Jen thinks Mary had anything to do with her arrest. Jen says she “wouldn’t put anything past” Mary. And she questions whether Mary or Meredith might have tipped off the authorities where to find her the day she was arrested.

Jen and Sharrieff

The shahs sit down to do “couples therapy homework” where they paint pictures to express their feelings. Sharrieff, tells Jen all the ladies are going to a trip to Zion. Jen is unsure because she knows they weren’t invited to Seth’s birthday party. Sharrieff points out that Jena and Meredith have been feuding.

Mary is still Mary

(Charles Sykes/Bravo) Mary Cosby on an episode of "What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen."
(Charles Sykes/Bravo) Mary Cosby on an episode of “What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

Mary,who has made racist comments to Jennie twice that we know of, remains convinced that she’s in the right. How is it in 2021, Mary doesn’t know slant eyes and mocking others is wrong? Could it be, Meredith is giving Mary a pass due to the friendship with her son. Meanwhile, of all the women, Jennie intimidates the hell out of Mary and will drag her!


Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City: Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow get into ugly  physical altercation | Daily Mail Online
John Barlow-Seth Marks

The husbands meet for golf, Duy Tran, Justin Rose, John Barlow, and Seth Marks. The discussion turns to Mother’s Day, and Justin suggests that “maybe we send the women away together to some type of excursion or retreat. Hmmm, did someone suggest bus trip to Zion? Two teams, loser pays for the trip. Jennie asks if Jen is invited. Turns out Sharrieff was part of the husbands group, although he wasn’t at the golf game, and Jen is invited, when Meredith learns Jen is coming, she is less than trilled. They also talk about Seth’s upcoming birthday party, where he has one simple request “Cleavage encouraged’ and he wanted the men to make sure that message gets heard in their house.

It’s party time

Meredith arranges a 49th birthday party for Seth, on the rooftop of a hotel. Meredith and Seth has had a few bumps in their marriage. Everyone is invited except Jen and the coach, everybody including the dog Terry was invited. We see the Marks children Brooks and Chloe, who is a dead ringer for her mom, “I so wanted her to say -I’m disengaging.

The couple is interesting, Meredith is stiff and measured. Seth is funny and inappropriate. There were shirtless pictures of Seth. The picture look like a profile picture on one of those dating apps, where the you hold in your stomach as your click. “No one understands that this is what you look like when you get separated and you’re going back into the playing field,” he says. Meredith, hired some tired dancer to entertain no one in the hot tub.

Seth jumps in the pool. Whitney jumps/is pushed in. Meredith is pulled in. They get out of the pool and get into the hot tub, where they’re joined by Heather, Justin and Lisa. Mary, wasn’t joining in “I am not jumping in this water because I have on an Alexander McQueen outfit that was not made for a pool. I like my outfit,”

Seth has made it clear, he admires Whitney’s tits. Whitney bought a tit cake with fantastic nipples with sparklers Whitney tells him “I know you have an appreciation for my cleavage,”“I thought I’d give you a mouthful [so] that we never have to hear it again,”

At the party, Lisa shares her husband John, dated her sister before her, however she said they just kissed a couple of times, they never had sex… OOOKAY!!!!! “Allegedly,” one of the guests says.

In a confessional, Lisa says, “When my sister first found out I was engaged to John — let’s just say she said a few things that probably weren’t that nice.”

It Went down On The Bus

Same bus, same driver (Kevin) same passengers, Whitney, Lisa, Jen, Heather and Jennie.

Let’s talk about the woman who isnt there!

Who hires a private investigator on somebody unless you don’t hide to hide yourself,” Jen says in a confessional, On the bus, Jen says, “I think we can all agree, if you’re going to hire a private investigator, your intention is to do harm.”

Jen doesn’t have Meredith there to rip into, so she turns on Lisa. She repeatedly and increasingly aggressively goes after Lisa for not reining in “your best friend of 10 years,” Lisa tried to point out  it’s not like she and Meredith have been the best of friends of late. “We were not OK” at Jennie’s luncheon or at Whitney’s event in recent weeks. “I call out what I think is right and wrong,”

Jen took out all her anger towards Meredith on Lisa. No one, including Jennie did anything to help Lisa. Jen is demanding Lisa to choose between her and Meredith. You treat Meredith differently than you treat me and everyone else,” Jen tells Lisa. “That’s the fucking truth.”In a confessional, Lisa says, “It’s kind of ironic that Jen’s asking me to choose sides right now. I have chosen sides. I have had Jen’s back more than anybody else. And, like, putting my friendship with Meredith almost on the line. I’m at the point where I’m done. It’s never enough.”

Lisa accuses Meredith of a “double standard … I don’t know how she can say, ‘I love kindness. I want to be kind,’ and defend the person that’s the fucking meanest in the whole fucking group” (ya’ll know she’s talking about Mary).

In Season 1, Jen alluded to the possibility that Meredith had an affair while she and her husband, Seth, were separated. This time, she’s making a clear accusation. And she’s clearly claiming that Meredith’s antipathy toward her is the result of her knowledge of that affair.

Jen’s Gone!

There is nothing Lisa can say to Jen. Heather tries to calm the situation by stating that all of them, including Lisa, will do that “going forward.” Lisa agrees But Jen’s gone, screaming at Lisa, telling her to Shut the Fuck up and you can tell Lisa is afraid.

Jen is in her face and Lisa gets up and tries to move to the front of the bus. But Jen moves in and blocks her path, a desperate Lisa screams “Get out of my way!” putting her hand on Jen’s shoulder and trying to get past her. ” A member of the TV crew tries to grab Jen from behind to pull her away from Lisa. “Push me one more fucking time,” Jen threatens Lisa!

To know if Jen drop kicks Lisa, you have tune in Sunday at 9 pm