The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Ep17 Who’s calling Who A Fraud?

Were on the bus, Lisa Barlow was about to lose her face over Jen’s misplaced anger. The producer, Shanae, prevents Jen from clawing Lisa’s face. If Meredith was on that bus Lisa might be viewing the attack .instead of being attacked. Pulled apart followed by a few seconds of dry eye crying and screaming the fight is over!

They arrive in Zion after ‘LISA’S BUS RIDE OF TERROR’ To the luxurious “Red Rock Villa” where its agreed that Jen would get the nicest room. Who would want to run the risk of Jen kicking down the door as they slept and ripping off their faces…. Yeah, lets make that bitch happy!

Settling in, its time for facetime o-rama, telling the husbands what went down or in Heather’s case, telling Whitney she thinks Jen is drunk (duh!) and hurting(meh).

At the pool, everyone seems to be totally cool except Jennie who doesn’t want to be thrown in or terrorized in any way cause she doesn’t swim. Lisa, (bless her heart) offers to teach Jennie how to swim. Jennie quickly declines with a look that says BITCH! are you def!

Ya’ll Late!

Mary and Meredith arrive. The truth is, they would rather be a Chuck E Cheese on a Saturday night, then to be with these women. But they are late. Whitney, has planned a Red Earth Ceremony and they need to be there by sundown and hopefully in all white. It’s clear, Mary and Meredith are moving at a snails pace, cause they don’t want to go. Meredith is forced on the bus in her none white coat. Mary stays behind because she fashion is her life as she shows up wearing a white Dionne Warwick baseball cap. At the ceremony, everyone participates except for Mary, who is looking out in the distance.

Where the Fuck were you?

Is what Whitney wants to know! Meredith said she had to drive her 49 year old husband to a doctors appointment. After Meredith’s lame excuse that no one is buying. Mary wisely said nothing. Lisa, possibly still in shock from almost losing her face said, Meredith didn’t come on the bus because of Mary (duh).

The issue for a lot of the women is Mary. Mary has said some awful things the other women and from their prospective, Mary gets a pass. Jennie, wanted to know why Meredith didn’t defend her over Mary’s racist comment. Meredith doesn’t completely answer the question.

Jen’s second coming

“I would like to know, Meredith, why you hired a private investigator to research about me? Meredith: I didn’t hire a P.I. to investigate you, I hired a P.I. to investigate the threats being made against her family, which involved submitting the names of all of her reality television co-stars to said investigator

Jen re-directs her rage toward Jennie. “YOU TOLD ME SHE HIRED A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR TO INVESTIGATE ME, JENNIE! THAT’S WHAT YOU SAID!” Jennie tries to explain that she told Jen how Meredith brought up the private investigator during the Vail conversation about Jen, but not that Meredith hired an investigator specifically to investigate her.

Meredith tells Jen, she can’t deny Jen’s been terrible to her family. Jen reaches back to last season’s Vaginagate. Which has nothing to do with Cardi B’ teeth. So when Meredith’s son Brooks said her saw Jen’s vagina, somehow Jen tried to connect that, to she has two sons who weren’t at the party.

When it comes to Mary and Whitney, Mary knows she’s wrong but an apology isn’t happening today, she instead says” that she doesn’t have the mental capacity to tell Whitney “we’re friends,”•

Jen needs leverage, Meredith took the last round. So she plays her last card, the card she has been hinting about on the bus about Meredith’s infidelity.

Does she have something? Because Meredith ,is clapping back with “baby’ and “Sweetie”. Then Jen takes another hard left and says, its Meredith’s family that’s been horrible to her family! (Think Cardi B’s Teeth) makes no sense!

The world crashes from here, its a free for all they are arguing over friendhship’s Lisa & Jen’s , Lisa & Meredith’s, Meredith & Mary’s friendship, and Whitney & Mary’s

Jen jumps out of her set and gets all in Meredith’s face. screaming! “DO YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU’VE DONE? YOU DON’T WANT ME TO TELL EVERYONE WHAT YOU’VE DONE, RIGHT? “Really, you want me to tell them what you’ve done, baby? Oh sweetie, you have no idea what I know. Then Jen who had us all, goes left again! (fuck!) Jen starts screaming that Meredith obviously had something to do with her arrest, Meredith gets up and leaves the table. Jen accuses Meredith of being fraudulent and having 10 boyfriends, to which Meredith says, “Who’s calling who a fraud? Love ya, baby, bye.”

See ya, next Monday, Baby!