Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Ep18 Sorry’s and Sleepovers

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Meredith Marks

Episode 18? We are nearing the end of a Epic Season.

On this episode, we get to see Mary’s real hair, and a real smile from pastor Crosby, and we see her dance. Is Meredith Marks the queen bee?

Episode 18, opens where Episode 17 ended. We are still in Zion at the Red Rock Villa. Tensions are high Jen and Meredith seem to have one level, “Screaming”

Jen, is hurt! She thought all was well with Meredith, her good friend. What she’s heard were rumors and speculation from the ladies. Meredith said, she did hire a private investigator to investigate the attacks on her son. There is speculation, since she and Mary weren’t on the bus to Vail, perhaps they were the ones who told the Feds where they could find Jen. .

Meredith, is angry. How could her good friend believe she would set up Jen. Caught in the crossfire is Jennie, who was merely the messenger. While she was being ripped apart and called the trouble maker the originators, Whitney and Heather sat quietly watching.

Meredith calls her husband and is considering leaving Zion, as she doesn’t know who to trust.

The allegiants changed, suddenly Jennie was out and now Mary is Jen friend.

Jen correctly states, that everyone is talking behinds everyone back!

Lisa asks Meredith, if she was angry with her? Meredith says yes because Lisa has had growing hostility towards her.

Observation: It seems half the women are jockeying to be Meredith’s friend, no matter the cost!

Meredith is enraged and she wants everyone to engage!

She wanted an end the side chatter and have everyone together.

Everyone was tired and needed a break from the housewives wars.

Around 3AM, Meredith is upset, screaming “stay away from my family” Lisa went into Meredith’s room and explained that all the women were speculating that Meredith had lied about her fathers memorial, because she wasn’t on the bus. One wonders what other self serving tales Lisa shared with Meredith.

Next morning, Heather and Whitney woke up to more screaming, but this time they hid in Heathers room. Listing at the door, Jen joined them. In the room, your have Heather with a big box on Sugar Babies, Whitney carrying a huge pitcher of water and Jen wearing a hat and sunglasses. If the sound grew close to the room the three would dive underneath the covers.

The groups goes hiking, in a canyon area. Heather, realizing what she’s in for, said she lied about her weight on everything. The ladies are all smiles and those smiles lasted through dinner and later a party. We get to see Mary in public with her natural hair, and see her let go……. we see her freely smile and dance the night away with the other women, including Meredith, who was wearing another awful frock with feathers

Apologies were all around, Mary even apologized to Jennie. The night ended on a high note.

rhoslc recap season 2 episode 18 zion trip slot canyon repelling

How long will it last?