The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Ep20 “Memorial Meltdown”

Looking on: Jen looked on as a church member said Mary was her 'best friend'
Looking on: Jen looked on as a church member said Mary was her ‘best friend’ at the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church

The hot mic moment continues …………….

Lisa is unhinged, the hot mic is still HOTT. After Meredith, once again defended Mary Crosby. She feels no one has come to defend her especially Jennie. Jennie did come to Lisa defense but her voice was lost in the shouting of the other women.

At one point Lisa, says “I don’t need this, I’m richer than all of you! Jen tells Lisa, she understands why Lisa is upset, because she has been there for Meredith.

Meredith Goes Low!

Whitney, joined Meredith and Mary. Whitney asked Meredith was there a memorial? Instead of answering the question, Meredith goes back to last season and tells Whitney, ‘I don’t believe that you haven’t talked to your father” At last years reunion, Whitney shared, she had not spoken to her father. ‘Why don’t I take something painful to you and just rip the scab and tell you no one believes you? I think you’re lying and making it up? Whitney visibly shakened, said Maybe I should hire a private investigator. Mary snickers as Whitney leaves the room.

Meredith comes in the room to confront Whitney. Jen ,Jennie and Heather are in the room .loudly asks, who’s been speculating about her fathers memorial? Lisa comes is screaming, telling Meredith You’re not going to get an apology, because I said nothing wrong! Whitney and Heather tells Meredith, no one is questioning her fathers death, we are question what day it took place. Which day did it take place? You told one person on day and other another day? Easy answer right? Meredith doesn’t answer. All the ladies are foaming at the mouth. As Meredith storms out of the room, they all want to know where Mary is? Where is her girl?

Whitney comes is the room with Mary. Meredith needs you! Mary doesn’t want to talk-she believes Whitney is drunk. Lisa, and Jen, Heather joins her, where is Mary? Heather says I have given Mary a pass Meredith said , Mary has been kind to her. Mary is avoiding ruckus and mumbling under her breath*

Heather checks in Lisa. She’s says Meredith didn’t mention the date, because she doesn’t want to be caught in a lie. Meredith tells Mary she is riding in the Sprinter because they talk about her when she isn’t in the Van. Mary is not joining them she is riding alone in the SUV.. Hmm, her former friend Lisa would have joined her on the Van.

We are finally leaving Zion…………..

Back in Salt Lake…………

Heather is having a college celebration for her daughter Ashley who is going to UC Santa Barbara.

Jen is meeting with her attorney Clayton. She learns that Stu has an attorney and “they’re still processing — we’re a team, we’re working. He also says that “if [Stu] decides to take a deal, he may testify against her” and “the only way to stop is to go to trial.

Lisa is home with her new table top grill cooking. Lisa is not a cook, she re-heats or microwaves. Perhaps Mary’s scolding about nutrition sunk in. Her son ask her how the trip was, she tell him it was awesome! She’s not saying much to her husband about her infamous outburst. She seems to be white washing the trip, Perhaps its editing it doesn’t make sense. It almost seemed the trip didn’t happen and she seems to want to be Meredith’s friend as long she isn’t in the middle of the beef between Jen and Meredith.

Lawd Have Mercy!

We are inside the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church, there in good ole Salt Lake City. It is the first service in a year. Mary has invited the ladies to the church. Jen is the only that took her up on the invitation. Jen says she knows how it feels to be accused of something. I know its editing… We see one of the parishioners praise Mary (with tears of course) and another young lady in tears was saying how beautiful Mary was. They praise Mary, You are my perfect love. God’s love for his people reigns in you. God shines in all that you do.” “You are the perfect friend. You are a master of positivity. You are a perfect teacher.” You are a perfect dresser.” “You’ve been the best friend! I could ever imagine!” (please, I can’t- too much sugah! I’m gonna need one of those ushers to help me). Jen observers, Mary is a rock star in that church that can’t do no wrong with that Gold Mic.

Over at Meredith house, her husband Seth knows all the gory details about the trip. Seth is suggesting chakras for healing or for sex, one never knows with Seth. Whitney and Heather are invited for a workout. Meredith is hoping for apology from Whitney. At the house, Whitney and Heather learned its an electric workout, accept Meredith is not working out. Meredith apologizes to Whitney. Heather said they were trying to clear the forest so Meredith can say yes or no. Meredith tells them it was the 29th, Lisa called from the bus, Meredith insists she was in Aspen when Lisa called not Vail. The next hill to climb is Lisa’s event, will Meredith attend. Is Mary invited?

I will miss Mary M Cosby. So far in Bravodom, no one has ever come back after missing or walking out of a reunion. Nene Leakes and Lisa Vanderpump didn’t survive. Currently the blogs are saying the Mary doesn’t think she’s been fired. There is “SOMETHING ABOUT MARY” I will miss.

Last night, she said underneath her breath…. That Heather is snobby and looks inbred” The woman is wild and I will miss her. (maybe)

See ya next week