They should change the name to .99 cents (just a suggestion) store

99 cents only store, Northgate Blvd Sacramento

For the first time in my life, I was under budget at a .99 cents store. On a normal outing, I would go in for detergent, softener and spray starch and leave with various plastic containers, bowls, knives, serving spoon, cake cutters, juices, things for the bathroom, a gun lighter( I currently have more than twenty of those) Jesus candles and random tchotchkes that I threw in the basket, BECAUSE, they were only .99 cents. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, my coveted bag or bags (do not judge me!) of sour gummy worms. I rarely, leave the store without spending twenty dollars or more.

That ended yesterday.

I’ve been without a car for a few years now. When I do rent a car, I rarely stop at a Dollar Tree or .99 cents only store. Of the two stores the .99 cents only store was my favorite, the stores are larger and offer produce and a large variety of frozen foods.

Its been nearly a year since I’ve shopped at the .99 Cents only store on Northgate Blvd. As always, my list was short, men’s body wash, spray starch , milk and some generic Swiffer mops. In the retail stores .they want between thirteen and twenty dollars, for that cheap ass mop. Why would would I do that? when there is Dollar Tree where I could by a dozen of them for the same price as one?

The store I entered yesterday was different. Aroma Therapy machines, car floor mats, plant lights, foot care packages, yes there was the teeny tiny packages of chips that might fill an eight month old’s belly, and some stale off brand cookies made in Alabama. There were much fewer items for sale for ninety nine cents.

I was prepared to pay $1.25 based on what I’ve read about prices hikes at Dollar Tree. What I wasn’t prepare for all my staples, the body wash, spray starch, to double in price. A half gallon of milk was $2.79. That’s a dollar more than Grocery Outlet and Wal Mart and a few cents more than Safeway! There was no generic Swiffer sweeper.

The new items, along with higher prices, didn’t inspire me to go up and down each aisle. Soda was still .99 as was other sugary items this big man doesn’t need.

Not sure what is happening with the company. Some of the shelves were not as stocked as they normally are. Perhaps they are simply filling the stores with random products.

I can say, I’m not noticing the same thing at Grocery Outlet Stores which is dangerously eclectic. Like the .99 cent stores you have to go up and down every aisle. as surprise mark downs lurk everywhere. I once. entered the West Sac store, for Milk and Bread and left with Milk and a Area rug.

I’m not likely to return to the .99 cent store anytime soon. There is a rumor, my generic sweeper is available at Dollar Tree.