The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Ep 21 “Why can’t we be Friends”

Glass throwing: Jennie Nguyen threw a glass at Mary Cosby in anger narrowly missing her on

We are three episodes away from an Shahmazing Season. This is a season for the books and even thought it hasn’t officially ended. I’m already mourning the loss of Mary Crosby, Jennie Nyugen, and possibly the annoying, but VERY ENTERTAINING Jen Shaw, who made a name for herself in the first season.

Shame on Bravo for not vetting Jennie. The rookie, worked hard to create a story line. Even borrowing Jen’s season one, party drink throw. It wasn’t lost on Jen who called Jennie’s drink toss “cute” but acknowledges, she’s been there, done that and threw her drink further! In a bit of irony, she screamed at Mary telling her not to walk away from her like, she didn’t matter. I had to say it! Yeah, Jennie-“Black Lives Matter Too!”

I will miss weird, eccentric, sad, and funny Mary Cosby, who gave us some the best put downs in her confessionals and great comments as she walked away from argument, you were either beneath her or beneath her!

Who could replace Jen Shamazing fucking Shah. Bigger in than life. Passionate! Knows how to make an entrance and will cut a bitch! She was the one to watch, even though she gets on my last nerve. Bravo needs to help her with a defense fund as I am very concerned with the future of the show.

Episode 21

The event was the Barlows Vida Tequila Party. Filmed 05-12-2021

Not much to see here before the reunion show. The name of this episode should have been called Fake Friends.

Heather has been consistent this season. She can see through the bullshit!

It’s simple, just be honest! It may hurt, but the person would have closure. After her arrest, Jen is raw, friends and family have disappeared. More so than anything, she wants to know who her friends are. For a reason, I will never understand, why Meredith’s friendship is important. Jen is hoping she in Meredith are friends, and Meredith refuses to say. “I want nothing to do with you after what you have said about my child and my family” Case Closed! But no, just keep the door open. I don’t think Lisa and Meredith are friends, due to Lisa friendship with Jen. Once again, instead of Meredith going to Lisa and saying your friendship with Jen and what she has done to my son hurts me, she holds a grudge.

She could have long taken a page from her only friend, Mary Cosby, who told Jennie, we are not friends, I don’t like you! Instead, she says, I can’t be the friend you need right now. Leaving Jen hanging! Leaving Jen to wonder why “Your everyone else’s friend but not mine!” In a weird twist, even Lisa wanted Meredith to explain.

Finally, Heather made some headway trying to soften the blow and using too many words. Telling Jen, Meredith can’t be there for her because she is dealing with her own trauma

Whitney, Mary and a worked-up Jennie!

Mary Crosby is in complete control. She notices Jennie, but she was clear, she don’t like her! She also knows by ignoring her is pissing her the fuck off! She’s enjoying every last moment of it. Whitney wants to talk to Mary. Mary assumes she’s drunk and don’t want to talk to her. Jennie is intently listening to the conversation. Whitney, apologizes for what she said about Mary’s church and said she did it because Mary hurt her. When Mary said, she would never hurt anyone, Jennie was off and joined the conversation interrupting Whitney. Mary didn’t respond to Jennies screaming and walked away. Mary, got a kick out of Jennie throwing a class at her, and exited the party.

Sex is art! Starring Whitney and Justin Rose

Tired of robotic sex or sex by the numbers. Whitney greeted her hubby in a hot pink bikini and told him to drop um. Covered him in paint and with art paper on the floor, got busy. This could have gone left but it didn’t. (Note to self: Art Paper and Paint)

The Mormons are tough!

Heather arranges a celebration of life for father who died last year. Most members of her family didn’t participate because Heather is no longer a Mormon. Heather’s mom did a drive by but didn’t greet Heather or her children. Many members of her family are avoiding her due to her public break with the church.

The Husbands want the Housewives to get along

The men seem to enjoy each other’s company. Every husband is present except for Mary’s Robert Sr. The Zion trip was a success, and they are considering sending them to a destination that will keep then away longer.

What does Meredith Know?

Jen Shah, has long suggested the Meredith’s has other men. In Lisa’s (now famous) hot mic moment, she says Meredith has fucked her way through New York. Meredith and Seth have had an open relationship where they have seen other people. Meredith suggests, she has info on one of more of the housewives. Will she spill during the reunion?

See ya next week