An accident duo?

My ride share was supposed to pick me up in the alley last night. My ride was a few hundred feet away from me with flashers on or was it? Some days you never know. Being Godzilla’s first cousin, I have startled innocents waiting, in their personal car thinking it was an Uber/Lyft ride share, I want to assure them that their village was safe. After shooting my driver a text, the vehicle slowly entered the alley.

It was an old vechicle, wheezing, shaking, and various noises coming from several places. Despite being Godzilla first cousin, I had to ask the driver to pull the passenger seat forward so I could get my tail in.

From the moment, I got in the car. She had a story! A story, I suspect, she has told every passenger that entered her vintage car.

Some guber, hit her car early in the day, causing her car to spin several times. She said the sweet homeless people in the area, approached the car to see if she was okay. The car she was driving, sustained little damage, leaving one witness saying that’s the car he’s gonna buy.

She mentioned to spinning part several times. She said, she had to pay the deductible on the car she was leasing from the ride share company, because the guber, that hit her, didn’t have insurance. I was relieved,that I wasn’t riding in the spin mobile, but concerned about her driving in this old car from the moment we turned on to “I” street.

Her story had chapters. It was only a 10 minute ride, her story wasn’t gonna kill me. All was well until she turned right on “I” Street, suddenly we were in the Daytona 500. When the light turned green on 4th Street, she floored it on the I-5 on ramp. Where we immediately on an angle went one the entrance ramp, to the fast lane.

Every now and then I get a ride share driver who is driving me to meet Jesus. What to do? How you say goodbye to love ones. A brief all purpose text, that says I love you? or do I make it more personal, one for friends and then one for family. What if the killer lives? I should take a picture on the back of his head and hopefully his face from the rear view mirror. What if he has a record and lives then dumps my fat ass behind a random donut shop? I should hold on to the seat, the vinyl under my fingernails should lead them to the killers car.

What sucks! I just bought a new cell phone “5G” I haven’t had it a week. Some bastard will get it and its two year warranty.

Anyway, the lady is aggressively driving close to the cars in front of her. Some of the cars, try to avoid her by moving to another lane, but her timing and her turn signal skills are off. She gets in the new lane behind the escaping car and then turns on her signal. All the while, telling her story. Spinning, spinning, spinning. Throughout the ride, I knew we would soon be spinning, spinning, spinning to our deaths in this old ass car.

The curved exit said 20 mph, she had to slam on her brakes at the last minute. Then it was light speed until I reached my destination. She said thank you, and she was off to tell her harrowing story to the next passenger.

After a Pay Day Bar and a cup of Coffee, my world finally stopped Spinning, Spinning, Spinning.