Your LAWyer is Nekkid


Kelly Elkins-“Nakkid LAWyer”-Florida


They say, the forty nine year old was lit, when she entered St Petersburg Beach, Beach Lounge on Corey Ave after 2am last Friday night.

So lit, the manager of the bar refused to serve her.

The lady walked into the restroom and came out completely nekkid. The manager told the nekkid woman to get dressed, the women refused and he called the police.

There she is, the Nekkid LAWyer

When the Pinellas County Deputy Gage Hume arrived. There she was, “nekkid” . Deputy Hume, asked her several times to put her clothes on.

Finally, she put on a hoodie, but nothing more.

She refused to put on her pants, and the Deputy escorted her out of the bar..

Outside the bar she said, she was too tired to put on the pants. The Deputy said she was uncooperative.

The patrons of the bar saw the woman’s goodies up close. There are no reports of patrons requiring hospitalization.

At the Jail, they learned her name was Kelly Elkins, who was admitted to the Florida bar in 2001. She is also a licensed real estate broker.

The nekkid LAWyer was charged with disorderly conduct , Kelly Elkins was booked into the county jail, from which she was later released on her own recognizance.)