Fresh Not Frozen: “Popcorn Movie Murder Retired Police Captain Not Guilty

Curtis Reeves

A Florida jury acquitted retired Florida police captain Curtis Reeves in the shooting death of a man in a movie theater eight years ago.

Reeves was accused of second-degree murder and aggravated battery in the 2014 killing of 43-year-old Chad Oulson, who was on a movie date with his wife.

Reeves pleaded not guilty and claimed self-defense, previously telling authorities he feared he would be attacked after he and Oulson got into an argument. The argument started after Oulson sent a text message to his young daughter’s babysitter during previews and Reeves told him to put his phone away, authorities previously said

Oulson’s wife was injured in the shooting but survived.

Jurors began deliberating Friday evening, following a nine-day trial, which Oulson’s Widow had hope would end in guilty verdicts.

“Nobody is ever above the law,” state prosecutor Scott Rosenwasser said during his closing arguments. “(Reeves) killed another human being in a crowded movie theater next to his wife for no reason.”