MSTV: Movie Popcorn Murder Trial-If the Retired Police Officer is found Not Guilty will it open the flood gates for supporters of Florida’s Stand your Ground Law?

Curtis Reeves, 79 the former former Tampa Police Captain said he had no choice because he feared he was about to be attacked by an “out-of-control” person who “looked like a monster.” and his poor health made it impossible to defend himself.

The victim, Chad Oulson, grabbed Reeves’ popcorn bag from his lap and tossed it at him.

This trial challenges “Florida’s controversial “Stand your Ground” Law that gained national attention after George Zimmerman killed an unarmed 17 year old Trayvon Martin.


Why is this trial MSTV?-Must see TV (Click on the link below)

There is a fear, if Reeves is found not guilty, it could open the flood gates for these stand-your-ground cases because now we’re going to say that people can go into public places, they can be armed, they can start a confrontation because that’s what the evidence shows,” Thomas said. “The victim [Oulson] was on a cellphone, he then proceeds to start a confrontation and then he [Reeves} shoots him.

Final final arguments have taken place a few hours ago and the jury awaits instructions from the Judge. Trial is currently streaming on Court TV and several Cable channels. The trial is also available on you tube.