The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Reunion Part 1

Left to Right Meredith (I’m about to take flight) Marks, Jennie ( 1980’s Lounge Singer) Nguyen , Lisa (Disco Queen) Barlow, Andy( I still like Sears) Cowen, Jen (only shoot me from the front) Shah, Heather(mother of the bride) Gay, and Whitney( this dress does make me look horrible)Rose

Where is Mary?

Andy said, Mary was bothered about EVERYONE talking about her CHURCH, she was particularly bothers by Whitney calling her a predator. Oh, Mary! Like you have never, ever, evah! said anything about everyone! Oh Sister Mary, I hope you pray for redemption next Sunday.

Sista, Heather Gay said “Mary said so many insightful things in her confessionals, and she gained respect for Mary watching the episodes. She says, Mary “has this kind of, like, weird ability to read everybody like the Bible.”

Round One

Don’t call Lisa Barlow sista! She ain’t sippin the Kool-aid! Telling, Heather their not accurate reads. Heather comes back, and says Mary got it right when she said Lisa “doesn’t know how to be real! Jennie Nguyen reminds Heather, Mary also called Whitney a “HO” in one her confessionals. (Something tells me, Heather missed that one)

(Heather Gay vs Lisa Barlow)

Didn’t these two make up during the last couple of episodes? Heather say’s she’s cool. Lisa ain’t sayin, the power of the film. ” I can’t BELEIVE what that bitch said behind my back!

Heather says she’s mad that Mary isn’t there to support Meredith Marks. Meredith says she has “mixed feelings” about Mary’s absence, “because I’m not so sure that the show is very healthy for Mary.

Heather says Lisa called her “horrible things.” Lisa denies it. The problem is, there is film.

Hot mic baby!

Heather brings up the terrible things Lisa said about Meredith on the hot mic — when she called her a “whore” and that she’s fucked half of New York.” (That’s a lot of people) “That was in a rage in my room, and we’ll address that,” Lisa says.

Later, Lisa does say, “I know what I said [on the hot mic], and I know it was horrible. I know it was wrong.” But she thinks too much is being made of comments she never intended anyone to hear. “I have to be perfect all the time or I’m held to, like, a different bar.”

Heather ,said “That is the Lisa Barlow I’ve known since Day 1,” she says. “I’m glad you revealed yourself. That’s who you are, and it’s very ugly.” (I guess that Zion love is ovah!)


Mary told Andy, “Black people aren’t capable of being racist” (A brief review)

Last season, Mary made negative comments about black people, avoid them at 7 Elevens. This season she referred to Jen Shah as being like a Mexican Thug and used the term slanted eyes and mocked her Asian accent and mocked Mormons.

Jennie says Mary’s comments were “hurtful, because she’s a minority, I’m a minority. We’re supposed to support each other.*******

Jennie said its difficult to be an immigrant in Salt Lake City vs Long Beach. Jennie said she is not Lisa’s minion.

Andy says that it “seemed like” when Mary mocked Jennie’s accent, Meredith was giving her “a pass” because it appeared she laughed along with Mary. However, Meredith insists, “It was a grimace. She said, she I was horrified and uncomfortable” and she “was trying to give a reminder to her and it was not OK

Does Jennie have a Black-cent?

A viewer asked Jennie, “When are you going to address, take accountability and apologize for the fact that you constantly use a black-cent? You roll your neck and you wag your finger and other stereotypical depictions of Black women when you talk to or about Mary.” Jennie denies that she has a “black accent,” and attributes it to her upbringing. “I grew up in Long Beach, California, and it shaped who I am. That’s where I get my accent.”

Round Two !

( Meredith Marks vs Jennie Nguyen )

Jennie and Lisa are friends, I believe Lisa recommended her for the show. Jennie watched season one and must have concluded that she would be the bone carrier. Carrying information to people in the show, especially about Meredith.

Meredith says, she regretted not supporting Jennie against Mary’s racism. She did say, she texted Jennie a few days later to make sure Jennie knew that she felt horribly that she had gone through that and that she had her support. Jennie says, Meredith never supported her when she tried to reach out to Mary. Meredith quickly comes back and says it was Jennie’s fault. BECAUSE! she felt attacked by her the entire season. She said, Jennie had made all these judgment’s and never once asked her a question! A lot of Meredith’s heat come from watching the episodes.

Meredith went on to say, Jennie misinterpret a lot of things I said, and create a lot of problems between me and Jen Shah. Lets us not forget, a lot of the “Misinformation” came from Meredith. It was Meredith who old the other housewives that she hired a private investigator to get info about Jen Shah!

Angie Baby Rewind

Four out of six housewives believes Lisa Barlow, is a pot-stirrer

(Lisa, Heather, Whitney)

Heather Guy-Lisa Barlow

Remember when Lisa thought Angie Harrington was cool? She was real cool until Lisa learned, Angie and Whitney are cousins. Lisa referred to them as “inbred polygamy cousins.”

REWIND: Angie Harrington was planning a charity event, a few days before the event, the caterers cancelled. Something to do with Lisa…..

Lisa, denies she had anything to do with the caterers and pulls out paperwork, timelines etc. to prove that the accusations against her doesn’t work. Andy looks at it and nothings clear.

Heather and Whitney are not hearing it! . Whitney says Lisa sabotaged Angie to punish her for being friends with her. Lisa denies it! Everybody thinks their right! Heather, sharpened her teeth for this reunion and bit into Lisa, not making a lot of sense but making it clear, she is force to be reckoned with! Leaving Lisa to say “Oh my gosh, she is so horrible,” “This is so insane.”

Then the conversation takes a weird ass left, with Heather saying “It’s not insane,” “We know you, and we love you as you are.” Even Andy struggled with that! “You love her as she is?”

I liked Lisa more when I saw her true self show up than I’ve ever liked her,” Heather says. “Because I don’t want to be friends with a caricature of some, you know, teen magazine she read in eighth grade that said how to be a cool mean girl.” (At this point, I needed Heather to be still and quiet and focus on clouds.)

The Rest

Jen Shah: Honestly, this is devastating for me personally and more so for my family,” Jen says. “I think that’s why it was so hard for me, especially, you know, seeing the Vail trip.” Watching the episode in which Jennie, Whitney, Heather and Lisa learned of her arrest “broke my heart,” apparently because they didn’t immediately say they were certain she was innocent. Andy asks Jen if she considered quitting the show after she was arrested. Jen says she “did have a discussion” with her husband and sons, “and I was, like, ‘No, I’m innocent’, and I felt like I needed to tell my story

Meredith Marks: She said she would like to accomplish today with Jen is a peaceful space.” She th apologized for “hurting Jen and/or your family for anything that I said. She, said there were serious issues that went beyond just losing my father, which was incredibly painful. The last time I saw my father was through a glass door on Facetime because of COVID.” Issue with her family. She said couldn’t get him buried. She was fighting incessantly with my sister. By the end of Season 2, she was “completely insane because she was emotionally devastated.”Jen says she understands and relates to Meredith’s feelings. And Meredith says that as she watched Season 2, “Seeing how everything unfolded and the information that was given to Jen or misinformation.

Jennie Nguyen: Was fired after the filming of the reunion,