The REAL Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Reunion Part 2

The Deconstruction of Lisa Barlow

I believe Lisa Barlow has always been popular, from the moment she popped out. She had a bright smile that charmed everyone. She was invited to all the parties and some people fought to be in her circle. But hers was exclusive circle. Last season, we learned that Heather wanted to be in the circle, but Heater wasn’t her person and she denied knowing Heather. Lisa was that mean girl who probably started rumors on girls who were a threat to her, they could be charming, prettier and possibly more popular than she. These girls/women she kept close until their light dimmed and she discarded them. This is all speculation on my part, however many pieces came together last night.

Liar Liar Text on Fire

The night began with Andy asking Lisa, who invited Whitney to the Lone Wolf Part? she admitted she did. When asked why not Jen? She said her son Henry overheard her fighting with Jen and on the phone and became upset. Lisa denied lying, but that good old footage confirmed she was.

Meredith Marks, is an lawyer. A lawyah with an agenda. Through the reunion, Meredith was building a case for herself. Pointing out times when she has been a friend to Lisa, with Lisa acknowledging what Meredith has done for her.

Andy asked Meredith, why did Lisa introduce her to Cameron. (Put yours hand down!-I know YOU KNOW-but lets hear from Meredith) Meredith didn’t answer Andy’s question, she had a question for an unprepared Lisa Barlow. She asked if Cameron was on the board of Foster Care, Utah? Lisa said that Cameron was “part of” the board, and that he was on the organization’s guest list for the event. Whitney and Heather said he wasn’t on the board!

Next Question: Meredith asks Lisa ,if Cameron gave Mary’s church $300, 000. Lisa, said she may have gotten the number wrong but says, he did mortgage his home to give Mary’s church the money. Meredith, “Lisa, you flat out told me off camera that he did not donate $300,000. You told me it was about 10% of that,” “And Mary told me the same thing.” She poked solid holes in Lisa’s credibility. Lisa’s bleeding and doesn’t know it. Well played lawyah!

Lisa had pages of texts from Cameron that questioned why anyone would question Lisa’s credibility? (so lame) While Lisa, had pages of texts, Whitney brought her phone with the texts from Cameron for all to see.

During a break from the Sofa. Lisa was angry that the producers used her infamous “Hot Mic” rant! They would be crazy if they didn’t and its what she signed up for.

Andy asked Jennie, why didn’t she defend Lisa, shes your friend? After the other wives called Lisa a master manipulator.why didn’t Jennie and up for her? Jennie said she did.

Memorialgate part 1 Billion: Meredith vs video tape. Tape: On the bus, Lisa calls Meredith with news about Jen husband being in the hospital. Lisa she apologizes and says I hate interrupting know your with your family. Meredith says she wasn’t at the memorial, she was in the bathtub. . “Why would I answer the phone at my father’s memorial?” she asks. Lisa insists that Meredith told her she “just stepped out of” her father’s memorial. Meredith says that’s not true. The question is a simple one….. why wouldn’t she just say after Lisa, apologized. ” Girl, I’m in the bathtub?


Her absence left a huge hole. Andy ASKS WHO HAS RECEIVED MEAN TEXT from Mary. Everyone but Jennie. A viewer noticed everyone is intimidated by Mary except Jennie who says she is not intimidated by anyone! Heather says it maybe one of the reasons Mary isn’t there, she says the other know how to navigate around her. Mary was angry at Meredith for not defending her after Jennie threw a drink at her.

When Andy asks, Does anyone think Marys church is a cult? Whitney and Meredith says no. . Jen says every church is a cult. she observed that there was a mothers day tribute, just for Mary.

In response to a viewer question about why she was not intimidated by Mary, Jennie says, “I’m not intimidated by anybody. I have really high confrontational tolerance. And if you don’t like that, then that’s your problem, not mine.”Lisa says she’s not afraid of Mary. Whitney points out that she stood up to Mary. And Heather, perhaps without realizing it, admits she’s totally intimidated by Mary. “We’ve learned to navigate and not ever say no,” Heather said.


Whitney called Lisa a pot-stirrer. and says Lisa told people before the hot mic was film. Lisa denied doing it, but Whitney told Meredith to call a mutual friend. Lisa apologies to Meredith fell of deaf ears.

Heather asks Lisa, “Are you sorry you said it, or are you sorry you got caught?” . “Because I believe you said things like that about every single one of us. Because I know you said it about Jen. I know you said it about me. And I know you said it about Whitney.

”Heather says the hot-mic rant “was like a Scooby-doo episode where we rip the mask off and we see who the real villain was, and now we can deal with it.”


While Meredith has issues with Lisa’s friendship with Jen. Lisa had issues with Meredith’s friendship with Whitney and Heather. Jen and Heather said, the argument between Lisa and Mary lead to the hot mic moment. Meredith says, Lisa got upset that Meredith didn’t take her side. Meredith said she didn’t get into the argument because,Lisa and Mary were “vicious with each other. If you think I was going to get in the middle of that, you are out of your mind.”

But its much deeper than that. We learned Meredith called Lisa,three days before her father died, she called Lisa and didn’t hear back. She said ,when her father died and she needed Lisa’s support, Lisa wasn’t there for her and didn’t return her calls. “I needed a moment to grieve and a friend to be there for me, and you hurt me and you let me down,” Heather had a similar story. She says that when her father was ill, she got a get-well text from Lisa and it arrived the day after his death. Heather says this is “indicative” of Lisa’s behavior. “I mean, she may have known. Everyone else knew.”

Lisa is very defensive, loudly defending herself and insisting that she was there for Meredith. (Sorry Heather)

Blue Bird Bully!

This wasn’t Lisa’s episode, she’s, manipulative and calculating . Meredith, her friend of 10 years, is mean, dishonest and more manipulating and calculating. She has no intentions of mending relationships with any of the wives. Especially, Jen and Lisa.

Once again she as threatening and blackmailing the other housewives. To expose everyone they slept with. She has told them what she wants! Stop talking about her! Stop attacking her! Stop saying that SHE turned Jen into FBI and stop weaponizing her fathers death against her! OR ELSE!

I want Jennie to say BRING IT BITCH!

Maybe next week, Part 3 of the Reunion.