The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S2 Reunion Part 3

Sharrieff and Jen Shah

Season two of the Salt Lake City Housewives is one for the books. However, I have been mostly underwhelmed by the Reunion. What we have learned is Meredith, has poor taste in clothing. She is vindictive has a hate list. She vaporized Lisa during Part 2 and quietly hates all the other women.

That Bitch!!!! ‘Meredith: You spoke poorly of my whole family,’ Lisa: ‘Somebody had just told me that you were making fun of my renovation and stuff and I was upset, ‘That you said like I live in a shitty house. ‘Meredith said, ‘I didn’t talk about your house. Okay so you have an ugly house so you should rip my character to shreds.’

When Lisa, left the sofa and hugged her arch enemies, Heather and Whitney, Meredith she was cold and alone on the sofa with Jennie, her second least favorite person, suddenly she missed the warmth of Lisa.

Lisa mouthed to Meredith ‘I’m so sorry. Meredith said ‘I know.’

The best thing about Meredith this season, is her husband, Seth, he is warm, charming, and is obsessed with Whitney titties. He was unmoved by Lisa saying his wife fucked half the men in New York. Meanwhile, Lisa’s husband, John is a dry as the desert, he’s the perfect husband for Lisa, compared to Seth he’s wax paper and he obeys her.

Jennie ran out of steam last night, her husband Duy and that contrived bullshit storyline about wanting more children! Come one ya’ll, a fortyish woman, few years from menopause AND a fifty-something man few years away for ED and adult diapers wants a new baby, yeah okay!

Whitney and Justin have sex twice a week. Whitney who in the past, said she isn’t good with money said her business is up 540%.

One viewer asked Whitney if she felt guilty that she had squandered Justin’s retirement. ‘Listen, I am his retirement plan,’ Whitney said. ‘Like I said I’m profiting and I’m putting the money back in.’

While we still don’t know what t Jen Shah does. We have learned a lot about her husband Sharrieff.

In fact we learned more about Sharrieff in 15 minutes, then we learned of anyone during the entire reunion. We know that he is passionate. He said it was unbelievingly hurtful, watching the women’s reaction to his wife’s arrest. He said, he was sad when Lisa didn’t call, she was the first person he expected to call. Heather’s call made him cry.

Sharrieff said Jen has always worked and he never questioned where the money was coming from. He knows she has been working hard for twenty years, but he didn’t elaborate. We will just have to wait until the trial that’s been pushed back to July, on Court TV.

A lil racism?‘I might want to add to that I don’t understand why it is so groundbreaking that Jen, the brown girl, and her Black husband, how did they get all this money,’ ‘Oh my gosh. It must be through something illegal. Why is that the first place that it goes. My husband has three degrees. M My husband was an attorney for 13 years. Out of those 13 years, he was a certified NFL agent.’

Jen wasn’t lying. I thought she was lying when she left the van saying her Sharrieff was in the hospital bleeding. He shared he has a history of rectal bleeding. “I was bleeding so much that the doctor thought it was important so I wanted to let her know.’ Jen said that was why she asked to take off her mic. For the record: I can’t un-hear “RECTAL BLEEDING” and I dont evah want to hear it again.

Andy Cohen said, The conviction rate of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York was 95 percent.

‘I’m fighting this! ‘I’m innocent. I will fight this for every person out there that can’t fight for themselves because they don’t have the resources or the means, so they don’t fight.  ‘I will fight because number one, I’m innocent, and number two I’m going to fucking represent every other person out there that can’t fight and hasn’t been able to.

Heather was relatively silent during this last chapter of the reunion. She is the center of all these women. Not afraid to speak her mind and is fiercely loyal. The big gaping hole in this reunion was Mary, who was at the center of many episodes. Jen says she will be back for season three, lets hope so.