A new study has found that 90% of Americans say they have a co-worker that annoys them.

Photo: Google

From CBS

The survey, conducted by Quality Logo Products, found that 57% of workers say they have considered quitting their job because of an annoying co-worker.

The survey also found that 55% of people working from home are annoyed with co-workers in their remote setting.

According to the survey, the three most annoying co-worker habits are: 

  1. Interrupting during virtual meetings
  2. Taking credit for someone else’s work
  3. Oversharing from your personal or hobbies 

Workers say there is a fine line between healthy banter and bonding versus getting too personal.

The study also found that 68% of Americans have confronted a coworker about being annoying, 60% of respondents claim entry and mid-level coworkers are the most annoying and 48% find their coworkers less annoying in a remote setting.

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