Oscar 2022: Who won? Who Cares?

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

The perennial nice guy loved the world over, slapped Chris Rock on the worlds largest stage last night.

The Academy Awards is telecast live, in more than 200 territories. It is the second most watched show in the U.S. after the Super Bowl.

Last night, Will Smith was the favored to win his first Oscar, for his portrayal of Richard Williams, the father or Venus and Serena Williams in the film ” King Richard”

Chris Rock is a comedian, like most of the comedians that appeared last night he told jokes at the stars expense. Rock made G.I. Jane joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who has shaved her head, this infuriated her husband Will, who stormed on stage and slapped Rock. Did he know she suffered from Alopecia? An Autoimmune condition that results in rapid hair loss.

Or Was it something else?

In the last few years,cracks have appeared in Smith’s household. He publicly shared that divorce wasn’t an option and we have learned that he and his wife had an open marriage.

The couple’s open relationship has seemingly been a trigger for Will, having sparked chaotic conversation at various star-studded events and caused the actor to insist there ‘never has been infidelity’ in their marriage. Despite Jada admitting in 2020 that she had an ‘entanglement’ with 29-year-old singer August Alsina.

One wonders, if Will anger was towards Chris Rock? Earlier in the evening, host Regina Hall, poked fun at the Smith’s marriage.

She began by stating that she needed to round up a number of good-looking male actors for Covid tests, before naming Timothée Chalamet, Bradley Cooper, Tyler Perry, and Simu Liu. She also called up Javier Bardem, before retracting his name due to the fact he is still married to Penélope Cruz.

“Oh wait, you’re married…” quipped the presenter. “I mean, negative.”

She went on: “Will Smith… you’re married but you know what, you’re on the list and it looks like Jada approved you so get on up here. Get on up here!”

So one wonders, if his anger actually began with Regina Hall?

Will Smith’s likeability began on the “Fresh Prince” and before last night Hollywood loved him. He is a public person. As you read this, his marriage, his relationship with Chris Rock will be analyzed. What could have been a defining moment in his life being the fifth black actor to received the Oscar for best actor will always be associated with the first slap in the history of this international award show.

In the next few days, we will learn if his persona has taken a hit