Who picks up the check 2022?

A young friend and his girlfriend and her friend goes out to dinner. When it is time to order, he asks for separate checks, one for he and his girlfriend and the other for her friend. The friend was outraged. Your the man, your supposed to pay! He said your the woman, your supposed to make me a sandwich! Your sexist, she says! So are you! he says. He agreed to pick up the check, this time but warned her it will not happen again.

The debate, rages on………..

Is he less of a man if he doesn’t pick up the check? In 2022, would he feel less manly if she picked up the check?

A look back five years ago

Who picks up the check? Does, the man automatically pay? Some young men, in the gay community believes, the person who initiates the date should pay. The debate, rages on……….. Who should pay?