Oopsie, mom mistake! She sent her child to daycare with drugs instead of Juice Box and Sandwich.

Dang!, don’t cha just hate that! It was an easy mistake, with brown bags looking alike and all

On Monday 4/5. Thirty five year old ,Jennifer Wise from West Monroe, Louisiana spent $75 bucks on drugs for later use.

Tuesday, morning she dropped her four year old at daycare.

With her daughter gone, Jennifer went looking for her drugs and couldn’t find them. The good news, the people at the daycare facility found them in her lunch bag before her daughter did. They discovered a little bit of this and that, a gram of meth, half a Xanax bar, and several doses of the sedative Clonazepam. The staff at the daycare facility called the police.

Wise admitted every thing to the police, she even allowed them to search her place, where they found………. Nine grams of meth, digital scales, and “numerous plastic baggies used for distribution.

It was a sucky day for mom!

Jennifer Wise

Wise has been charged with four felony narcotics counts and two misdemeanor raps. She is locked up in the Ouachita Parish jail on $14,500 bond.


From the Smoking Gun

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