Masks & Travel

Covid has turned the entire world upside down. Just as science and those in medicine get control of one variant, a new variant is discovered, sometimes more deadly than the first.

What we know so far, is one person can infect hundreds. We also know, that the disease does not respect borders.

There is a new variant in China. Cases are on the rise in California and Philadelphia. There are over 600 cases of the XE variant in Britain which was discovered in January. The variant has been found in India and Thailand. “Omicron was first identified in November and within in four weeks it was all over the world. Since November, several countries have opened their borders. Science, says if your vaccinated and healthy you shouldn’t worry about it. However, if your un-vaccinated or have co-morbidities (he simultaneous presence of two or more diseases or medical conditions in a patient), there is a reason for concern.

Its is difficult to replace the cover of a rapidly boiling pot. Let’s leave the masks on in Public transport. Planes, Trains, Boats and Buses in small restricted areas, where the public is literally sharing the same air. It’s a challenge now to get some people to wear there masks. Can you imagine what it would be like to ask them to put them on again.